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Campbell Wins Ward I Council Seat

IMG_1017By Terry Rogers

On Saturday, April 23, the City of Milford held an election for the open council seat that was vacated when Garrett Grier decided to step down. Two candidates, Archie Campbell and Anne Villalobos, filed to represent Ward 1 on City Council.

“There were 255 votes cast in the election with Anne L. Villalobos receiving 74 votes and Archie Campbell receiving 181 votes,” read election official, Karen Boone. Councilman-elect Campbell will be sworn in to serve a two-year term at the Annual Reorganization Meeting for City Council on Monday, May 2, 2016. Mayor Bryan Shupe, Councilman Owen Brooks as well as Councilwomen Lisa Ingram-Peel and Katrina Wilson will also be sworn in that evening. No elections were held for their seats as they all ran unopposed.

“I am very happy,” Councilman-elect Campbell said after the results were read. “I learned a lot by going door-to-door to talk to people in my ward. The people in Ward 1 have some good ideas and I am going to try very hard not to let them down. One of the things I learned is that many people in developments in this city want some changes. It is my job as their councilperson to try to get those changes passed if they meet the needs of the city.”

Councilman-elect. Campbell has served as the Planning Commission Chairman for the city since Councilman Jamie Burk, the previous chairperson, took a seat on council in an unopposed election. Councilman-elect will represent Ward 1 alongside Councilman Christopher Mergner.

“Archie has experience on Planning and Zoning, which seems to be a stepping stone to council,” Councilman Doug Morrow, who represents Ward 3 along with Councilman Brooks, said. “That experience is going to be very beneficial to him on council and I am looking forward to working with him. I think he will be an excellent addition.”

Garrett Grier served on council for six years before deciding to step down due to increased business obligations and to spend more time with his family.

“My advice to anyone who takes a seat on council is to be patient,” Councilman Grier said. “Learn from those who have been there. Try and learn as much as you can, which will ultimately help in the many decisions that you will have to make during your term.”

Councilman-elect Campbell said that he hopes to push through the items that have been started by the Planning Commission, since it is his view that those decisions would benefit the city. He said he is looking forward to seeing the projects approved by the Planning Commission through to completion. He feels that service on city council is one of the best ways he can help move Milford forward.

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