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Kids Cook with Abbott’s Chefs

On Saturday, April 16 Chef Paul Gallo of Abbott’s Grill engaged with local families as he taught a group of children how to have fun and be helpful in the kitchen, understand nutrition in the food they eat and discover the many professional careers within the culinary arts. The month of April featured the Cooking with Kids class, which is part of a larger ongoing monthly cooking series at Abbott’s Grill.

Recognized on a state and national level as well as being a destination for Southern Delaware, Abbott’s Grill prides itself in being a proactive partner in the Milford community and taking every opportunity to share great food, wine and education when ever possible. Facilitating a cooking class series for several years, Abbott’s have taught culinary enthusiasts and foodies alike how to plan, prepare and serve varied courses from local farm to table, dishes from around the world, classic holiday favorites and gourmet desserts.

The Abbott’s Grill cooking classes originally began from the requests of their patrons, wanting to know about specific foods and techniques that helped prepare their favorite dishes. “We have no guarded secrets here, [the cooking classes] are a way for us to share our experiences with our guests,” stated Kevin Reading, Owner of Abbott’s Grill. “The classes give us an opportunity to be one-on-one with our guests and take that relationship to another level.”

Upon entering the Cooking with Kids class on Saturday, each child was prepped with tools to help them cook including their very own chef hat. Families made fresh pizza dough to bake into individual pizzas, tomato shop and chocolate covered strawberries with the help of Chef Gallo. While making their own meals, children learned about the science behind rising dough and how to look for foods that are healthy for them and their families.

“It was very interactive and the kids had fun. They looked great in their Chef hats,” said Executive Chef Gallo. “We talked about eating colorful and how eating dull colors, like we find in french fries and hamburgers, do not give us enough nutrients and vitamins.”

Elli Carpenter, 11 yo from Clayton Intermediate School, was excited to be in the front row for Saturday’s event as she has a dream of becoming a professional Chef. “I really like cooking and putting ingredients into a meal my own way and style,” said Carpenter. “I like making pasta at home, since we are part Italian. Last night I make Calabrese, it’s basically pasta, sausage and tomato sauce.” A Food Network ‘fanatic’, proclaimed by her mother, Elli would like to own her own business and become a traveling cook.

Chef Gallo believes that introducing children of all levels and interests to the culinary arts is important at a young age. “Nowadays, I see people in my generation beginning to go back into cooking for themselves and watching their nutrition closely,” said Gallo. “I want to let [these kids] know that it doesn’t necessarily take a long time to cook and it’s not hard. It is important for kids to get in the kitchen and learn how to cook, take care of themselves and I think its a life skill that is important.”

Still cooking with his parents as an adult, Gallo hopes that the love of coking can be shared within families and across generations. “We teach the kids about nutrition, being safe in the kitchen and listening to their moms and dads, having fun with it and paying attention,” said Gallo. “Hopefully it is something families can do together and have fun with and continue over the years.”

With its great food and engaging atmosphere, Abbott’s Grill it is a favorite among locals and has become ‘the place to be’ for many on the Delmarva Peninsula. The key to their success is not only preparing exquisite meals but offering several exciting experiences for music lovers, food enthusiast and socialites. Cooking classes, wine tastings and live entertainment are just a few of the unique experiences Abbott’s Grill offers its patrons. To view what is happening at Abbott’s Grill, individuals are encouraged to visit Abbott’s Grill is located at 249 NE Front Street in downtown Milford and can be reached by calling 302-491-6736.

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