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33rd Annual Prayer Breakfast, May 6

scSubmitted By City of Milford

The Milford Senior Center will be hosting the 33rd Annual Community Prayer Breakfast on Friday, May 6 at 7:30 a.m. in the Crystal Room. A tradition for over 30 years, this year’s breakfast will honor Milford’s Mayor Bryan W. Shupe. A native of Milford, Delaware, Shupe was elected Mayor in 2014. He will begin serving his second two-year term as Mayor on May 9, 2016.

The Prayer Breakfast Movement began in 1934 in the city of Seattle where Norwegian immigrant and Methodist minister Abraham Vereide realized that many people were poor because of a lack of leadership in the city. He felt this was a result of a dwindling of church influence and a lack leadership by people fit to lead. Vereide desired to bring the city together under God, leading him to initiate the first prayer breakfasts with community leaders.

According to Vereide, God spoke to him one morning about a simple plan that was based on the scripture John 21: 9-13 that describes Jesus’ breakfast on the shores of the Sea of Galilee with his disciples. The vision continued from the first prayer breakfast he shared with 19 men, until his death at the age of 82 in 1969. After his life, the prayer breakfast movement continued to spread and is now celebrated around the world on every continent. Prayer breakfasts gather government, business, and education leaders with other citizens who desire to deepen the moral fiber of the people through the leadership of God. The Milford Mayoral Prayer Breakfast is an extension of this worldwide movement.

At this year’s event, guest speaker Xitlali Roman Campos, who was named the State of Delaware Youth of the Year in 2015, will speak about her life experiences and ability to rise above challenges. Moving to the United States from Mexico as a young child, Xitlali had no knowledge of the language of her new home and adjusting to school was not an easy fit. Although her academics had always been her strength, she struggled with the language barrier. The Greater Milford Boys & Girls Club did not let her fail, placing her in English as a Second Language (ESL) programs in both her school and at the Club. As a senior at Milford High School, Xitlali earned a spot in honors and advanced placement classes. She carried the positive habits learned at the Boys & Girls Club and maintained good work habits, which led her to excel in all of her classes. As a result of her dedication, Xitlali rose to become ranked fourth in her senior class. She now attends the University of Delaware where see is moving towards her ultimate goal of becoming a pediatric oncologist.

“Unfortunately, some of our youth has become complacent with being average and settling for less than their best. This is due, in part, to the negativity of others and the constant burden of the youth doubting the abilities of one another,” Xitlali said. “This then, begins to become a reality and our youth start to believe in this. As a result, the drive for success begins to dwindle until they accept average or, in the worst scenarios, give up. For me, my passion is derived from seeing the struggle that my family has gone through. It makes me want to make our situation that much better. I strive for the day when I can offer my mother what she has worked years to try to accomplish for us, and to offer my siblings the guidance they need to build their own legacy.”

The Milford Senior Center is planning a spiritually uplifting program on Friday, May 6. Those attending will also be inspired with the musical talents and spirituality of Mount Enon Baptist Church choir and Pastor Joel Andrus of Lighthouse Christian Center. Monies raised at the breakfast will benefit the Milford Senior Center, which is a multi-purpose senior center that has offered services and activities to enhance the dignity, independence and community involvement of its members for over 40 years.

The ticket costs for individuals is $15 and can be purchased by mail or in person at the Milford Senior Center, located at 111 Park Avenue in downtown Milford. For more information, individuals are encouraged to contact Heather at 302-422-3385 or email at

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