MHS Celebrates π Day

Students from Milford High School (MHS) celebrated π Day on March 14, highlighting the various uses of the number 3.14. Most known in the equation to find the circumference of any circle, π is also used in the fields of finance to understanding the universe.

“The concept of pi is important to mathematics because of its relationship to the circle; it is a constant representing the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter,” said Tina Hillagoss, Mathematics teacher at MHS. “Since pi is found in so many different equations  in math, physics and other sciences, it is considered one of the most important mathematical constants.”


Milford High School has an annual celebration of the mathematical constant π by learning about Archimedes, how π was derived and that Albert Einstein’s birthday is 3/14.  Students can make a collage, a drawing, a t-shirt or some other crafty activity or make a pie to celebrate this day.

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