Albums From 70s You Must Have

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 4.42.42 PMBy Steve Monz – Afternoons on Cool 101.3

As I get older I have a greater appreciation for the music I grew up with. They say in the radio biz that the music you listened to in your High School years is the type of music you will gravitate to throughout your life. I agree with that to some extent. The Eagles, Police, and Genesis make up the core of my music foundation. But I still like Bruno Mars, Coldplay and even some older big band stuff like Dino and Frank.

These days vinyl tries to comeback with the new generation, but it will never be like it was when I was a kid. When you would buy an album at the record store on the day it came out, and rush home, put on your headphones and be the first in your neighborhood to hear the new Van Halen album before anyone else. Even try and pick the future hits. I guess that probably should have been a sign I was headed for a career in radio.

Regardless of who your favorite band is, there are a handful of albums that you must have in some form. Vinyl, 8 track, cassette, CD, MP3, or download. Now, I’m not saying you have to be a fan of these bands. But you do have to respect their place in music history.

Pink FloydPink Floyd – Dark Side Of The Moon

Dark Side Of The Moon may not be loaded with pop hits. It is however a groundbreaking album as far as studio production and recording creativity. Truly an album you put on and listen to from beginning to end. With that one annoying moment when you need to flip it over. Hard to argue Dark Side’s success. Released in 1973 it reached #1 for one week on Billboard’s Top LPs and Cassettes chart. What is more impressive is the fact it remained on that chart for 741 weeks from 1973-1988.

Money, Time… Insanity. The themes are universal and relevant even today and musically ahead of it’s time. It can even be synced up with The Wizard Of Oz for “The Dark Side Of The Rainbow”. An experience on a totally different level if you know what I mean.

Boston – Boston (The First Album)Boston

Released the year of the bicentennial 1976 this album ushered in the era of metal power pop. Boston’s first album is one of the best selling debut albums of all time. Although it only spawned 3 top 40 hits, the album is solid from beginning to the end of both sides. The fade in of More Than A Feeling sets the tone for an honest Rock N Roll Band experience. Once again, the ahead of its time engineering and innovative recording techniques set the standard for rock albums of the future.


Fleetwood Mac – RumoursFleetwood Mac

Hard to argue with Album of the Year for 1978. Rumours gave us Don’t Stop, Dreams, You Make Loving Fun, Go Your Own Way, The Chain, Gold Dust Woman and more. What truly makes this an album worth owning is the appreciation of how honest of an album this is. When this album was written and recorded every member of the band was going through some kind of break up or affair; with other members of the band. An explosive situation that got channeled into real relationship songs that resonate even today. And another aspect that I find interesting. The lead vocals change from Stevie Nicks, to Lindsay Buckingham to Christine McVie. All along never losing the “sound” of Fleetwood Mac. Not many bands can pull that off. Okay, maybe the Eagles. But that is a topic for another article.

So dust off the vinyl, put the headphones on take a trip back in time with three albums you should have in your collection, in some form of media. As Tommy Lee Jones said in Men In Black “This is a fascinating little gadget… its gonna replace CDs soon. Guess I’ll have to buy the White Album Again.”

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Want to Know How to Advertise on Delaware Live?