Anderson Expands Mispillion Training & Classes 

11Since they opened their doors in December of 2014, Mispillion Fitness in downtown Milford has grown exponentially. In addition to offering a wide variety of classes for all fitness levels and promoting an atmosphere free of intimidation, Mispillion Fitness has personal trainers available to guide and educate members and help them reach their fitness goals.

Working will members through individual and group training, Scott Anderson guides each participant toward goals that they set for themselves. Whether looking to loss weight or gain muscle, Anderson personalizes his training and facilitates a holistic approach to learning to live healthy.

Originally from Maine, Anderson served in the United States Air Force (USAF) for 20 years and climbed his way to the highest enlisted rank in the USAF , Chief Master Sergeant. As 70 to 200 squadrons reported to him, depending on his location, he also manage the facilities of each base, including the hotel, bar and grill and fitness center. Anderson currently serves in the reserves at the McGuire Air Force Base i New Jersey.

Throughout his life, Anderson has found that physically fitness has always been with him, shaping his body and mind. Ready for a change from service, he decided to take his experience with physical fitness to members in the Milford community as an individual and group trainer at Mispillion Fitness. A National Academic Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, Anderson sees himself as a catalyst for others to reach their personal fitness goals.

“I am motivator, I love pushing people to see the results they want to see,” said Anderson. “It is more than being a trainer, you become a life coach as people begin to confide in you.”

Anderson believes that the foundation of learning fundamental, proper lifting is key to success and that working with a trainer, instead of alone, will make create a strong cornerstone for a healthy lifestyle. “We see people come into the gym trying to perform exercises and lifts that they are watching from their phone,” said Anderson. “It is necessary to learn proper lifting and technique and you should be aware that many training videos on the internet and social media are not concerned with those fundamentals.”

In addition to individual training, Anderson is also an instructor for The Push, a six-person team training program at Mispillion Fitness in which six people who are strangers at the start of the program work together, pushing each other, in a 90-day exercise class. The program includes the workout and each participant is provided a macro-nutrition diet to follow. Each month, the trainers sit down with the participants to go over what they call a ‘report card.’

“The program is a high-intensity hybrid training program,” said Anderson. “It is a combination of different training. We took the good things in different styles of working out, such as Olympic lifts and Crossfit, and create a workout program that provides result in a short amount of time.” Anderson is proud to share that the inaugural group, which just finished their first 90 days have seen “phenomenal results”, each member reaching their personal goals.

Mispillion Fitness is a 24/7 fitness center that offers members a variety of classes for all fitness levels. Anyone interested in learning more about membership, classes and individual and group training opportunities at Mispillion Fitness should call 302-422-4442 or stop in the gym, located in the Riverwalk Shopping Center near Abbott’s Grill.

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