Residents Ask for Support for Local Business

23By Terry Rogers

On Sunday, December 13, 2015, Wrenches Auto Shop on Bloomfield Road in Milford caught fire. According to owner, Marc Moreau, the building and four vehicles inside the shop have been deemed a total loss.

“I have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in tools, equipment and vehicles,” Mr. Moreau said. “My personal car along with a 1974 Corvette that belonged to a customer were two of the vehicles destroyed. My insurance company has not been very helpful as I have only spoken to them three times in the weeks since the fire. Right now, I have no source of income and they don’t seem to care.”

Mr. Moreau was renting the shop where the fire occurred and said that the preliminary investigations shows the fire may have been caused by an electrical issue. He said that the landlord’s insurance company has provided some assistance such as having the building boarded up. However, he said that his insurance company has not offered any indication on when, if at all, he will receive reimbursement for his losses.

In an effort to help Mr. Moreau until the insurance issues are settled, Trinda Stone and her parents, Sam and Darcel Hart, customers of the shop, have set up a Go Fund Me campaign. The Harts and Ms. Stone hope that they can help Mr. Moreau through his difficult financial period while he searches for a location to reopen his business.

“My wife and I have been using Wrenches as our automobile repair shop because of the professionalism and personality of Marc,” Mr. Hart said. “We have referred others and everyone we have referred is pleased with the service they receive. He has refused to charge me for minor repairs, such as replacing the bulb in a headlight after I purchased the bulb elsewhere and took it to him. He installed our windshield wipers at no charge.” Mr. Hart said that Mr. Moreau never performed unnecessary work on their vehicles and often recommended suggestions that actually eliminated the need for future repairs.

Mr. Moreau said that the vehicles involved in the fire did not belong to the Harts or to Ms. Stone. He said that he was very grateful for their support and appreciated what they were trying to do to help him. Ms. Stone said that Mr. Moreau did not ask them to set up the Go Fund Me campaign for him, but that she chose to do so in an effort to help them, especially during the holiday season.

“He is an outstanding and personable individual,” Mr. Hart said. “It is just a pleasure to have a mechanic that you thoroughly trust. We want to help him in any way that we can.” Individuals interested in helping Mr. Moreau can do so through the Go Fund Me campaign at

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