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City Council Discusses Changes to Comprehensive Plan

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 10.18.26 AMOn Monday, October 26, Rob Pierce, Milford City Planner, presented requests for zoning changes and annexations as part of changes necessary to the Comprehensive Plan to City Council. Mr. Pierce explained that most of the changes were to bring properties into alignment with their current use.

“All of these items were heard and approved by the Planning Commission,” Mr. Pierce explained. “All of the changes need to be amended in order to match future land use.”

The first change to the plan was for the Perdue site on Rehoboth Boulevard. A zoning change for expansion was approved earlier in the year and one of the parcels that were approved for expansion was still noted as C3 in the Comprehensive Plan. Mr. Pierce stated that this parcel needed to be changed to I1 in order to match the rest of the Perdue property.

The Planning Department received a request to change undeveloped lots in the Amblewood Subdivision off of Holly Hill Road from R3 to I for future use. In addition, parcels on Wilkerson Terrace off of Front Street which were currently zoned I1 and R2 needed to be brought into compliance as all I1 parcels. A pending annexation request for Brookstone Terrace required a change from low-density residential to high-density residential. The Armory Building, which is currently owned by the city, is zoned as R1 or R2. Mr. Pierce said that this could limit usage of the building for offices or educational purposes. He requesting changing the zoning to Industrial.

Pierce stated that the Southeast Master Plan needed a change to a parcel that included a small mobile home on Wilkins Road. Since the land is adjacent to the land where the new hospital will be constructed, Mr. Pierce suggested changing the land use should the owners of the park eventually request annexation into the city. All changes to the Comprehensive Plan and the request related to the mobile home park were approved unanimously by council.

“In 2005, there was a proposed development east of Route 1,” said Mr. Pierce. “At that time, the city engaged in a discussion to annex the area. The development was created in accordance with the Master Plan and the hope was that it would be incorporated into the Comprehensive Plan so that the city was proactive, providing the developer with a shovel-ready area.” Mr. Pierce went on to explain that the City created the Southeast Neighborhood in 2008 and the Comprehensive Plan was amended to include a Southeast Master Plan that was scaled back to include one commercial and mostly residential properties. This plan would include 12,000 new homes and 30,000 residents.

These changes prompted a request for annexation for a nine acre parcel. However, because the state felt that the request was not in compliance with the Comprehensive Plan, they did not agree with the change. The owner of the property then requested an amendment to the Master Plan. What Mr. Pierce asked council to allow him  to file an amendment with the state who would make a decision around the end of November. Upon state approval, the request would return to council for approval.

“I am just a little concerned with the residences that are already in this area,” Councilman Chris Mergenr said. “There is already a decent sized neighborhood behind that parcel. I am concerned they may deal with some traffic issues if a commercial property goes in there.” Mr. Pierce said that traffic studies could be required of the developer should they decide to move forward in the future. Council unanimously approved Mr. Pierce’s request to file the request with the state.

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