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MSD Welcomes Back Administrator

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 10.25.31 AMBy Terry Rogers

Dr. Kevin Dickerson, who was recently named Director of Secondary Education/Assistant Superintendent at Milford School District, is not a new face at Milford. He served as Assistant Principal at Milford High School and Principal at Milford Middle School, experiences he said were very valuable from a professional standpoint.

“I had the opportunity to work with and learn from so many committed educators and administrators within the district, and also the opportunity to interact closely with families,” Dr. Dickerson said. In addition to serving in those capacities in Milford, Dr. Dickerson said that he has served as a teacher, coach, supervisor of transportation, attendance officer, student liaison and, most recently, Director of Student Support Services with Sussex Technical School District.

Dr. Dickerson says that his background in education began at a young age as his father, Larry Dickerson, was a longtime teacher and principal in Smyrna as were his grandmother, Ann McCullough Dickerson, and an aunt, Margie Schuman. His brother, Ryan, is in education as well, serving as a school psychologist in Fairfax County School District in Virginia. His grandmother graduated as Milford High School’s Valedictorian in 1940.

“I returned to Milford because of the entire school-community,” Dr. Dickerson said. “The passion and pride that is exhibited for our students and schools brought me back. The community has always had a strong passion for good education and supported our schools and programs extremely well. I vividly recall the tremendous support from our families when I was at the middle and high schools.” Dr. Dickerson said that he has always been proud of the students he interacted with during those years. He said that the team aspect at Milford was highly appealing to him and one of the reasons he returned.

Dr. Dickerson said that he sees his biggest challenge in upholding the integrity, excellence and work ethic of the past and present educators who have contributed to the success of Milford students. He says that it is critical that they continue working as a team to provide high quality education, services and programs for students. That continuing to align practices and systems with changing standards, workforce skills, postsecondary demands and employment opportunities are also critical so that students are able to succeed after graduation.

“I hope to continue to see successful outcomes in our students and graduates,” Dr. Dickerson said. “I look forward to working with our teachers, support staff, families, community and school board to enrich every students’ education experiences and preparation so that successful outcomes are a reality for all our students. My broad goal is to be part of a team that delivers the best educational services possible for our students, families and communities.”

When asked about Dr. Phyllis Kohel’s upcoming retirement, Dr. Dickerson said that he considered Dr. Kohel to be a longtime mentor. He said that he looked forward to working with her during her last year at Milford. He has learned a considerable amount from Dr. Bob Smith who he worked under when he was at Milford previously. He said that Dr. Kohel’s replacement would interact with superintendents throughout the state, work with all stakeholder groups within the school community as well as provide excellent leadership, communication and decision-making skills. He also felt that visibility at school and community events was a key quality in a superintendent.

“Investment in our kids has positive returns, which can be seen throughout the history of Milford School District education,” Dr. Dickerson said when asked about the upcoming referendum on October 6. “The community has always been a great supporter of the Milford School District. This support has been influential in the success of our students and schools. The reality, unfortunately, is that annual costs associated with education continue to rise. A successful referendum will help us ensure that we continue enhancing our educational services for our students and provide them with the necessary resources, services and programs for a well-rounded education that prepares them for present and future success. The referendum is key for staffing our schools with the best educators, ensuring our classrooms have the supplies, materials and technology necessary and maintaining the highest level of safety within hour schools.”

Dr. Dickerson and his wife, Erica, have two children, nine-year old Lauren and eight-year old Jake. He said that he is very excited to work with the Milford School District and grateful for the opportunity to work with the entire school community in educating and serving students, families and the community.

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