Uniform Closet Helps Students In Need

5The 2015-2016 school year is just weeks away and local stores have been pushing the Back To School sales since July. A new wardrobe is on the wish list for many students but with the Milford School District (MSD) uniform policy, shopping has become much easier for parents. Whether students and parents like the uniforms or not, it is school policy that students adorn khakis and polos during the school year. The addition of uniform closets have appeared in several local schools to help students adhere to the dress code.

The uniform closet at Milford Central Academy (MCA) was created after the Milford Lions Club made a monetary donation to buy uniforms for students that needed assistance. Following the lead of the Lions, families and students in the district began donating their used uniforms to help other students in need. According to School Counselor Stacy Greenly, those circumstances include students that show up at school not in accordance with the uniform code, students that spill or tear their uniform while at school or families with financial concerns due to multiple students or kids quickly outgrowing their uniforms.

“Last year we had many seniors donate their uniforms at the end of the year to help us build the closet,” said Greenly. “Although we do get many donations we always give out more than we get back. There is more need in this area than people realize.”

A mother of two MSD students, attending the middle and high schools this year, Greenly says it can be tough for families with multiple kids to have enough uniforms for the school year. Despite this, she says she enjoys the uniforms in her household noting that the preparation for school in the morning is much easier.

“It has been easier for us every morning,” said Greenly. “We do not have to have a daily conversation about what clothes are fine for school.”

Within the school, Greenly states that the uniforms have brought a positive impact on the students population over the last several years. “The kids were always worried about what other kids were wearing and what brands everyone owned,” said Greenly. “The uniforms have placed everyone on an even playing field.” She states that the students still express themselves by the shoes they wear and how they style their hair.

The Milford School District uniform that was implemented several years ago must be worn by students in order to enter the building on school days from beginning to end of each school day. According to the MSD Uniform Code, uniform bottoms can be tan or black khaki style pants which include “walking shorts, capris, skirts, jumpers or dresses that are to the knee or longer.” Students may not wear denim, chains, or spiked jewelry. Uniform tops can be maroon, black, gold or white Polo Shirts. They must be “collared, 3 buttons and a solid color.” Students may not reveal any “undergarment, camisoles, for example, or undershirts.” Students may also not wear over garments such as “sweatshirts, hoodies, or jackets…over the polo.”

According to Greenly, there is always a need for uniforms at the six Milford schools as the student population continues to grow. Families and students who are interested in donating uniforms to the closets can contact Stacy Greenly at the Milford Central Academy at 302-430-7910.

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