Patty’s Cakes Closes Doors

p1By Terry Rogers

After just six months in her downtown location, Tricia Vicks announced the closure of her popular bakery, Patty’s Cakes. Ms. Vicks will continue to operate her custom cake business out of the commercial kitchen she built in her garage. She has just chosen to close the retail location in Milford.

“I realize to some that it seems crazy for me to be doing this while others are saying that it is time,” Ms. Vicks said. “The truth of it is that I work all the time. If I am not physically in the shop working, sometimes 30 to 90 hours in a week, I am somewhere else working. I’m home on the computer or on the phone with customers. I am at six million stores shopping for ingredients or looking for that perfect toy for a cake. I am running my social media accounts while walking or updating my website. I am driving all over Delaware to deliver cakes or meet someone for a pickup.”

According to Ms. Vicks, hiring additional employees was not possible for her as she wanted to continue to operate her business completely debt free. Although she wants to grow her business, she said she had to keep working at a pace she was comfortable with.

Ms. Vicks opened Patty’s Cakes on December 19, 2014 as part of the Delaware Economic Development Office (DEDO) Project Pop-Up Program. DEDO chose her company for the program as she was already operating a successful custom cake business from her home. Ms. Vicks said that as soon as she stepped into the storefront on South Walnut Street, she fell in love with the location.

“I just want everyone to know how much I love how I was welcomed in Milford,” Ms. Vicks said. “Thank you to my loyal customers who referred a friend, brought in children and families, or just kept coming back each week. I’ve been so incredibly fortunate to have awesome clients, something is rare to say in this business. It is truly humbling to have so many people love the work you do.”

One of the main reasons Ms. Vicks said that she had decided to close the retail location, which often had lines waiting for her to open on her Happy Hour Cupcake Fridays, was her family. She said that she was missing out on too many events and special occasions with her husband, ten children and two grandchildren. She said that once her children are grown, she could always return to the retail business, but that she didn’t want to miss out on them growing up.

“I am a wife to an amazing man, a mom to the ten greatest children in the world and grandma to two of the sweetest girls on the planet,” Ms. Vicks said. “I don’t want the time to turn into years missed. People will always be getting married, celebrating birthdays and having babies, so cakes will be around forever. But my kids, living under my roof, who actually want to spend time with me, won’t. So, that is really the driving force behind this decision.” Ms. Vicks said that she has chosen to adjust her priorities where they need to be and be more available to her family.

Ms. Vicks said that customers can still order her custom cupcakes, decorated sugar cookies and specialty cakes. All cakes are still made and decorated by hand, from scratch. Ms. Vicks said that all orders that have been placed at the retail store will be filled as promised.

“I want to thank my customers so much for supporting me this past year at the retail location and for the past ten years in my cake business,” Ms. Vicks said. “I hope you will continue on this sweet journey with me.”

This year’s Project Pop-Up, through a partnership with the Delaware Economic Development Office, Downtown Milford Inc. and the City of Milford, will be accepting applications for the location that previously held Patty Cakes on Walnut Street. The small business incubator program offers business owners three rent-free months from October through December as well as professional mentoring and business consultation. Applications for the program and more information on the application process can be found online at

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