Milford Grad Headed To Delaware State



By Kevin Eickman

One of the biggest strengths of Milford baseball this past season was the just Graduated Cole Davis. The Milford senior provided quality efforts in all his starts, while posting a 4-1 record. Perhaps the most impressive of those starts was the annual “Battle of The Bat” against Lake Forest High School. It was a game in which Davis did not have his best stuff, but was able to battle through it. The game demonstrated the heart Davis has.

The most pivotal point came in the fourth inning when Lake was threatening to score and score big. Davis had only three strikeouts the entire game, but they call came in that fourth inning. The final strikeout of the inning came with the bases loaded, Lake would never threaten again.

“You just have to execute the pitches, forget about the runners,” Davis said at the time.

It is that kind of attitude that Davis hopes will serve him well during his college career. The bigger the moment, the bigger Davis seemed to play. “Cole is a game changer, he always finds a way to get it done,” Milford coach Nick Brannan said. “He is a very determined young man that doesn’t let the moment get to him, that is a great strength of his.” Along with his composure Brannan believes that a great strength of Davis is his competitiveness. “It doesn’t matter what it is, it could be a game of tiddly winks, Cole wants to win it,” Brannan stated.






Speaking with Davis about going to Delaware State University (DSU), he believes that it is the perfect choice for him. “I have a bunch of friends over there, including Milford Grad Garett Coverdale, plus a bunch of other guys I know from travel ball and such,” said Davis. “It’s a great atmosphere over there, that is a team that really wants to win and is continuing to get better.” There were some other factors involved in the decision as well. “My father went there and it is just 15 minutes from home,” Davis stated.

One of the key people in the life of Davis has been Roland George, a baseball scout who has encouraged Davis along the way. “I have been to pro tryouts and some of his camps, he has always been encouraging to me,” Davis said. “I probably wouldn’t be going to Del State if it wasn’t for him, he asked them to take a look at me, without that I probably wouldn’t be headed there.”

While Heading to college is something Davis is looking forward to, he will always value his time at Milford. What he liked the most about his teammates was how they loved to compete. “The level of competition on that team is fierce, nobody is guaranteed anything,” Davis said. “Everyone on that team loves to compete, I believe that is what made us so tough to beat this season.”

While at DSU Davis will be studying physical education and plans to be a physical education teacher.

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