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Allergy season is in full bloom. Roughly 50 million Americans suffer from allergies while another 25.9 million people suffer from asthma, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

“Spring is when the flowers and trees are blooming, and the pollen count is high. Everything is active,” said Bayhealth Otolaryngologist (earn, nose, throat or ENT specialist) Catherine Wright, MD. “In the winter everything freezes and is dormant so when the spring arrives it hits people hard because they go from having no symptoms and then the triggers hit them.”

Bayhealth ENT registered nurse Beverly Auckland said the most common allergies are grass, weeds, ragweed, and dust. The most common symptoms for allergy sufferers are a runny nose, itchy eyes and clear nasal drainage.

One way community members can fight off the allergy season is through allergy shots, which are administered at Bayhealth ENT with offices in Dover and Milford. “The shots essentially help acclimate a person’s body to the allergens. The shots help the body learn how to react to the allergen so when the environmental allergies are presented to them it isn’t so bad,” Dr. Wright said.

The clinics in Dover are held on Tuesday and Friday with times available in the morning, lunchtime and late afternoon. The allergy shot clinic at the Bayhealth ENT Milford location is held on Thursdays.

“You know your shots are working if you can taper off your medication. When the shots are kicking in and doing what they’re supposed to do, you won’t have to take the medications as much,” Dr. Wright said.

A referral from your primary care physician may be needed before an appointment can be made. To make an appointment at Bayhealth ENT, call 302-393-5009 (Milford) or 302-674-3752 (Dover). The offices are located at 800 N. DuPont Blvd., Milford, DE, and 826 S. Governor’s Ave., Dover, DE. For more information, visit

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