Del Rossi Runs for School Board

As the Milford community prepares for the upcoming referendum on Tuesday, May 5 where the Milford School District is asking residents to vote for a new high school and operations budget, there is another election in the month of May that has not gained much attention. On Tuesday, May 12 residents of the Milford School District will be voting for the 5 Year At-Large seat on the Milford School Board from 10 am to 8 pm at three separate polling locations: Benjamin Banneker Elementary – 449 North Street, Milford; Evelyn I. Morris Early Childhood Center – 8609 Third Street, Lincoln; Lulu Ross Elementary – 310 Lovers Lane, Milford.

The contested race is between candidates Kent Del Rossi, Kristin Yvette Dennehy and Ronald T. Evans. In a continued effort to keep the Milford community informed and engaged has interviewed each candidate with a list of questions regarding the upcoming election.  The winner of this election will fill a 5 year term for “At-Large” in the Milford School District.


Kent Del Rossi

My name is Kent Del Rossi. I am 67 years old and retired.  My wife is a teacher in the Milford School District and I have two children who attend Lulu Ross.  Prior to my retirement, I was a teacher in the Philadelphia School District for 32 years.  I have a BA in Literature from West Chester University and a Masters of Education from Temple University.  Currently, I am the president of the Meadows at Shawnee HOA.  I am also involved with the Bay Country Figure Skating Club in Harrington.

What accomplishments are you proud of?

Since these questions all relate to education, I will limit my response to education.  I am proud of the influence I have had on many former students in helping them prepare of higher education and success in the work world.  I feel that it is important for a teacher to provide students with the tools to live a productive life and not simply move students along for the sake of convenience. I am also proud of being “there” for a student when approached for advice or for want of a sympathetic ear, because teaching isn’t always about the lesson.

Why are you running for the School Board?

The current members of the Board have done a fine job in making educational policy but I believe that my background as a teacher will provide deeper insights into the educational decisions Board members have to make that currently is missing.  It is difficult for someone to relate to the concerns of a teacher or administrator without having hands-on experience.  My time spent in education can only serve to help make these decisions.

What would you like to see done during your first term?

I would like to see implementation of programs that meet the needs of all students.  While a school district has a duty to develop the skills of those students who have fallen behind, it also has a duty to provide programs for those students with higher level skills.  If Milford wants to be competitive with other schools, then it must provide those programs that will keep its students from looking elsewhere.  Obviously, everything comes down to money, but I would relish the opportunity to make it happen.

What are the current issues facing the Milford School District?

Approval of the referendum is the number one issue.  When the city made its decision to lure new housing to the area, it knew it would provide new revenue.  It also created a need for more services.  Providing a quality education is one of those services.  With the growth of new homes came not only retirees, but also families with children.  As the number of children grows, so does the need for new schools.  To date, the city has kept pace with this growth.  Now, these children are approaching high school and the current facility is simply too small and outmoded to provide for their needs.  Yes, it will increase taxes some, but if the residents want to continue to reside in a viable, growing community, they must make the right choice.

What does a vote for you stand for?

A vote for me stands for a commitment to moving forward and to making the Milford School District a place students are proud to attend.


Absentee voting is available for those eligible voters who are unable to go to the polls on May 12, 2015 by calling 739-4498 for information on obtaining an affidavit to enable the Kent County Department of Elections to mail a ballot. Residents of the Milford School District can also cast a vote absentee ballot in person at the office, 100 Enterprise Place, Suite 5, Dover, DE, Monday through Friday 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P. M. until May 11, 2015 12:00 Noon. Extended office hours for absentee voting are April 21, 2015 & May 5, 2015, as the office will be open from 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. Voters must bring proof of identity and address.

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