MHS Bunny Hop A Success

By Terry Rogers

Despite the chilly temperatures, around 130 people turned out for the First Annual Bunny Hop, sponsored by Milford High School on Wednesday, April 1 in an effort to promote lung health. The event began with a paint run in which participants ran a 2-mile circuit as volunteers tossed dry paint on them. After the run, children participated in an Easter Egg hunt and the evening ended with the viewing of the movie “Hop.”

“We are hoping to make this an annual event,” said Amanda Frampton, a physical education teacher with Milford School District who organized the event. “We feel that it went very well considering we had to change the date due to the bad weather on Friday and the chilly weather on Wednesday. We had planned to do an outdoor showing of the movie, but the wind was too chilly so we moved it inside Milford Central Academy.” Ms. Frampton said that there were many volunteers who helped her make the event possible.

The event was not a fundraiser but is designed as one of the school’s “I Heart Breathing” events. Funding for the event was made possible through the Delaware Health Fund which is managed by the American Lung Association. Ms. Frampton said that many of the participants were first time runners and that similar events in the area have brought awareness to lung health as well as the need to live a healthy, active lifestyle.


Registration for the event began at 3:30 PM and the run began around 4:30 PM. In order to run two miles, participants had to run the circuit twice. The circuit ran around the outside of the stadium and across practice fields. Participants were covered in a dry, cornstarch-based paint that had been died bright colors.

“I ran the route twice, but I had done a paint run before,” said Holly Tesoro. “I have a friend who was one of the volunteers for this and she asked me to participate because she knew I was a runner. I run track for the school.” Conner Wooten and Cody Manna, who were covered in bright colored paint, also ran the route twice. They said they had never participated in an event like that but that it was “a whole lot of fun.”

After everyone completed the paint run, volunteers placed plastic eggs around one of the fields for children to “hunt.” Egg hunts were divided by age group with pre-kindergarten and younger children participating in the first hunt.

“We had about 60 children participate in the egg hunt,” Ms. Frampton said. “We were very pleased with how everything went. I had many volunteers who helped pull the event off and it appeared that everyone had a great time.”

The Buccaneer Bunny Hop was made possible through the Delaware Division of Public Health’s Tobacco Prevention Community Contract. Funding for the contract is provided by the Delaware Health Fund and managed by the American Lung Association of Delaware.

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