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New City Manager Looks Forward to 2015

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 8.30.52 PMBy Terry Rogers

Hans Medlarz, who began as Milford City Manager on January 4, 2015, says he is looking forward to working with Mayor Bryan Shupe and achieving the goals that have been set forth by retiring City Manager, Richard Carmean. He said he has several priorities for the upcoming year and is looking forward to bringing them to the residents of Milford.

“A lot of our priorities are a continuation of last year,” Mr. Medlarz said. “One of the issues we were facing at the beginning of last year was the quality of water in Milford. That is still a priority, and to me, may be my number one priority.” Mr. Medlarz says that continuing to work on the Southeast Milford and Washington Street projects are where his focus will begin for the new year as he feels quality water is critical both for residents and businesses in the city.

The second priority Mr. Medlarz will focus on in the upcoming year is the new Bayhealth campus, located at the corner of Wilkins Road and Route 1 in the Southeast section of the city.

“We must work to get the services extended to the new hospital campus as quickly as possible,” Mr. Medlarz said. “We will need adequate water and sewer to the new campus, which will mean some planning and effort on our part to be sure they have what they need to succeed.” Mr. Medlarz said that he also sees the repurposing of the old hospital building in downtown Milford a part of this priority as residents want to know what will be done with the old building when the new hospital is operational. According to Bayhealth CEO Terry Murphy, the new health campus is projected to open in 2018.

Mr. Medlarz pointed out that one of the platforms used in Mayor Bryan Shupe’s campaign was dealing with aging infrastructure in the city, and he feels that he should place this fairly high on his priority list. Currently, the city is working with the USDA Rural Development program for grant money that would help them improve the sewer pumping station.

“Those improvements will improve our pumping station for the next 20 years,” Mr. Medlarz said.

Continued creation of economic development was another factor that Mr. Medlarz saw as a priority in 2015. He also felt that the repurposing of the Milford Armory was critical to providing additional economic benefit for downtown as well as improvements along the Riverwalk.

Mr. Medlzarz says that his main goal is to continue with the 2014 projects. The completion of the second electric substation has provided tremendous benefits to citizens, both residential and commercial, but Mr. Medlarz sees improvements and upgrades that could make service even better.

“My biggest challenge, I think, will be to keep citizens fully informed and fully involved with city council so that we all move this city forward,” Mr. Medlarz said. “Council may have a vision that we later find is not the vision of the general public or one that does not meet the needs of the majority of businesses. It is my job to keep that balance while we keep the city moving forward.”

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