Scouts Offers Christmas Tree Recycling

3By Terry Roger

Many people still enjoy the look, smell and feel of a real Christmas tree every holiday season. The tradition of searching for the perfect tree, cutting it down and bringing it home to decorate is time honored. Although there is the option of choosing a tree that can be planted after the holiday, not everyone has a yard that allows the replanting of trees, which means they must find a way to dispose of the fresh tree after the holiday season.

Real Christmas trees are biodegradeable which means they can be reused or recycled after they have served their holiday purpose. Many residential yard waste companies will not take Christmas trees as part of the regular trash pick up, requiring that they be placed in specific yard waste containers. That means some residents may have difficulty disposing of a live tree after Christmas.

As a fund raiser, Boy Scout Troop #116 is offering to pick up and dispose of Christmas trees on Sunday, January 11, 2015. For a $10 donation, anyone who has a tree that they want to recycle can call or email to arrange for pick up and recycling of their live Christmas tree.

“The tree cannot have any tinsel or flocking,” said Duane Fox, coordinator of the event. “All ornaments must be removed as well. We are picking up in the Lincoln, Milford and Houston area.”

According to the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC), Christmas tree recycling saves valuable landfill space since approximately 18 percent of waste is composed of grass, leaves, brush and other yard materials. Today, putting such items in a regular garbage can is prohibited by Delaware law and residents must use specific containers for yard waste.

Real Christmas trees present a problem for some people, such as apartment dwellers or those without yard space, in that they may not have a yard waste container or be able to dispose of the tree properly. After the holidays, it is not unusual to see discarded trees on the side of the road when people have no other option for discarding them.

Anyone wishing to donate their tree should contact Mr. Fox by email at or call 422-7843. Please provide a name, address and phone number so that Mr. Fox can reach you regarding the pick up details.

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