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City Council Approves Bulletproof Vest Purchase

cityhallBy Terry Rogers

On Monday, December 8, 2014, Milford City Council approved the purchase of new bulletproof vests for the Milford Police Department. According to Chief Keith Hudson, the new vests will better protect the officers than the vests they are currently using.

“The vests the officers are using now do not protect them against certain types of weapons,” Chief Hudson said. “The new ones will stop bullets from higher caliber weapons so they will increase the safety of the officers.” The cost of the new vests is between $30,000 and $31,000.

Councilman Skip Pikus asked the chief if there was the possibility of using portions of funding given to the police force by both Kent and Sussex County. He also asked whether there was grant money available to pay for the better vests.

“We have already earmarked the money given to us by Kent and Sussex County,” Chief Hudson said. “I can look into whether there is grant money available from Homeland Security.” City Manager, Richard Carmean, explained that there may also be some funding available through the additional transfer taxes the city received.

City Council approved the purchase of the vests with a unanimous vote, asking Chief Hudson and Mr. Carmean to work with the city financial director, Jeff Portman, to determine additional funding sources that would cover the costs of the vest purchase.

In other council business dealing with the police department, council voted not to approve the Police contract. Mr. Carmean was instructed to continue negotiations with the police union. Councilman Owen Brooks abstained from the vote regarding the police contract.

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