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Daughters Fundraise For Father’s Medical Expenses

Chelsey and Vaughn Webb.
Chelsey and Vaughn Webb.

This November Chelsey and Caitlyn Webb of Milford started an online GoFundMe campaign for their father Vaughn Webb. Suffering a sudden cardiac arrest and undergoing a quadruple bypass surgery, Vaughn remains in Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, PA due to severe allergic reactions to his prescriptions. As the series of complications continue to grow with Webb’s recovery efforts, his daughters are looking to the future and asking the community to help their family will the increasing medical costs.

At a family wedding on November 1, Vaughn Web almost lost his life to a sudden cardiac arrest. On the dance floor during the reception, Chelsey remembers the music suddenly stopping and the lights being turned on. As she looked for her father, she noticed that he was on his back on the floor. A registered nurse, Chelsey ran over to her father and noticed that he was unconscious and had no pulse.

“I watched him die right in front of me,” Chelsey said. “I immediately began CPR. Someone handed me a AED [automated external defibrillator] and with one shock he was brought back to life. I rode with my father in the ambulance to Beebe Medical Center.”

Webb was admitted into the Emergency Room at Beebe Medical Center in Lewes but the doctors began to notice additional complications with Vaughn. After countless tests and procedures at Beebe Healthcare he was shipped to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, PA where he has been for almost three weeks. Within this time frame Webb has received treatment for a subdural hematoma, quadruple bypass surgery, defibrillator placement in his chest, a pulmonary embolism and a severe allergic reaction to the drug heparin.

“After he had filled out the discharge papers he begun to feel severe back pain. Doctors discovered that he had developed a blood clot in his left leg which broke off into his left lung. He was treated for a pulmonary embolism immediately, ” commented Chelsey. After surgery, Vaughn was prescribed Heparin to prevent future blood clots but he developed an allergic reaction to the drug and now has been put on a new anticoagulant as he awaits further blood tests. “It has been one blow after another.”

Chelsey describes her father as a healthy man that has never been in the hospital and is on no medication. An active member in the Milford community, Vaughn was an insurance salesman for 30 years before he retired. An active member of the Avenue Methodist Church, in Milford, Vaughn is a Sunday School teacher and is known for his service as a little league coach for over 20 years.

“My father is an amazing man and would never ask for a dime from anyone, but as his daughters, my sister and I feel it necessary to try and reach out to the community for any help we can get,” said Chelsey. “One can only imagine the amount of medical expenses that have accumulated, and we are asking for any type of donation you could make for my dad. No amount is too small.”

Setting a goal of $5,000 on the online fundraising site gofundme.com, Chelsey and Caitlyn hope that this money will help some of the medical costs associated with their father’s unexpected stay at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. Individuals that want to help the Webb family can visit the site at www.gofundme.com/heuo1o to find out more information and to make a donation. Vaughn’s daughters said they have been humbled by the cards, text messages and phone calls that the family has received since Vaughn was sent to the Emergency Room.

“The outpouring of love from this community is so emotional and amazing,” said Chelsey. “We cannot thank people enough for the help and the prayers.”

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