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Robbins Runs For 33rd Rep District

robbinsOn Tuesday, November 4 Delaware voters will go to the polls to determine the winners of the 2014 Delaware General Election races. In the Milford area, Kevin Robbins and Representative Jack Peterman are running to represent the area as State House of Representative in the 33rd District. Polls are open from 7 am until 8pm on Tuesday, November 4. Voters can find their polling place location online at

John Kevin Robbins, Candidate for 33rd House of Representatives District, Democratic Party
Occupation: Farmer, Milk Hauler
Family: Wife Kim Zeitler Robbins, son Joseph Thomas Robbins and daughter Mary Elizabeth
Education: Lake Forest High School, Degree in Agriculture from Delaware Tech
Experience: 33rd District Candidate 2012, 33rd Democratic Chair, 2012-14

1. Why are you running for the Delaware House of Representatives?

My main concerns are for the economy, the environment and our educational system. The 33rd district offers a variety of economic, environmental and educational issues. The good people of this district deserve clear and focused representation in Dover. I am an average hard working man who thinks it’s time for the down to earth, sensible people, like me, to be heard in Dover instead of career politicians, like my opponent. I believe that most of our problems need a common sense approach to solve them. I am a common sense, no nonsense candidate. I will work hard to find reasonable solutions to our current problems

2. What personal or professional background will be critical to performing the duties of State House of Representatives?

My background in agriculture is what would be beneficial. Farmers know what it is like to work hard to reap a successful harvest. However, we also know the pain of putting your all into a crop just to watch it be destructed from outside forces. In farming, as well as legislature, one needs to be proactive instead of reactive. Now is the time to improve our transportation system, our educational system, our economy and our environment. We don’t have time to stand around complain about the situation. We have to take it on the chin and work for a better future for Delaware.

3. Name a specific example of something the Delaware State House of Representatives has done to improve the quality of life for citizens in Delaware.

This passed legislative session raised the minimum wage, which will take people off of public assistance. Doing so moves them from tax recipients to tax payers. They also passed the capital budget, known as the bond bill, which allocates funds for various projects that help put people to work. Also, the grant and aid bill passed. It provides funds to fire companies, senior centers and other nonprofit groups that rely on this funding to remain in operation. The people of Delaware need the services that these non-profits provide. This legislation session also passed a bill to combat child identity theft that enables parents or guardians to freeze their child’s credit until they are 16 years old.

4. Name a specific example of something you would like to change in your first term if you are elected to the Delaware House of Representatives.

The change would be to bring foresight and integrity to the 33rd Representative seat. It is critically important to look to the future and not just keep the status quo. I will work with all legislators to bring more businesses and industry to lower Delaware. As a small business owner, I understand exactly how difficult it is to get a business up and running. The Office of Economic Development has programs to help small businesses. There is also a non-profit group called SCORE that helps small business in a variety of ways. I advocate using these resources. One thing I would be in favor of is to NOT charge newly formed businesses state gross receipts taxes for the first three years of business. I would also be in favor of tax credits for small businesses who hire Delawareans who are currently on the unemployment roster, again, turning tax recipients into tax payers.
5. What issues do you feel are important to the residents of Milford, Delaware specifically?

Budget cuts and short falls affect jobs and infrastructure projects. I will fight for programs that improve the business atmosphere as well as road and waterway projects. . The biggest bottle neck in the Route 1 corridor goes through the heart of the 33rd district. It is my commitment to improve the transportation shortfalls that affect all of us in the district.
Narcotic drug abuse is another significant problem in the 33rd district. Four methamphetamine labs have been found in the district in the past year or so. I feel that we need to combat the drug situation and we need law enforcement to handle it. It is my understanding that currently Heroin is on the rise. It is taking the lives of our young people, who otherwise could have had a good life. Drugs are a serious problem in this district and I hope to help find solutions.

6. How will you offer help to the City of Milford’s focus on economic development?

I will work with DELAWARE’S economic development resources to promote revitalization to viable small businesses and to bring more business with tax reduction incentives. I would advocate for a person from the Office of Economic Development office be assigned directly to Milford and other municipalities to work solely for economic growth in the towns of the 33rd district.

7. Does the state spend too much money? And if so, where would you specifically cut spending?

Yes, I believe it needs to be slowed in the correct places and increased in other places. We can cut the over spending by implementing programs to catch fraud, waste and inefficiencies in various programs that cost the tax payers tens of millions of dollars each year. I grew up on a hog farm. If anyone knows how to cut pork, it’s me. I do believe, however, more money needs to be spent on our highway systems. The Route 1 corridor is a specific project that I will fight to get the necessary funding.

8. If elected, how will you affect the quality of public education in your district?

If we want our children to value education, we must value education. Our schools have not been adequately funded for many years. Our tax base has not kept up the increasing costs to run our schools. New sources of funding need to be found. Our property assessment in Kent County has not been changed in 27 years. Reassessment should be done on a regular schedule. We are trying to fund our 21st century schools with a 1987 tax formula.

9. Why should voters choose you on Tuesday, November 4th?

I’m a farmer, not a career politician. I’m someone who thinks it’s time for a change. The status quo has got to go. The people of the 33rd district deserve clear and focused representation in DOVER. They deserve a representative that will be there to serve them, regardless of political party. I will work for ALL constituents, not just those who supported me in the election. I will commit to be at legislative hall, at committee meetings and to meet with any of my constituents if they request. Go online to view my videos, “Ask Kevin”. You will see that I don’t look like or talk like a typical politician. There are a variety of video topics from gun rights to motorcycle safety. I am conservative in most of my beliefs, meaning I believe in God, fiscal responsibility, preserving benefits to our elderly, a strong military, and the right to bear arms . In short, it’s time for a fresh approach. I am determined to represent all of the people of the 33rd district and to our State a great place to work, live and do business.

My campaign has been on the three E’s the Economy (making small businesses strong and working to bring industry to Kent and Sussex counties) , the Environment (agriculture, preserving natural resources and improving our highway system) and Education (we must have an excellent system throughout the state, so all of our children have the same foundation)
To sum it all up, I am a hardworking family man, who thinks it’s time for middle class, sensible people, like me, to be heard. The people of the 33rd district deserve clear and focused representation in DOVER. We need reasonable, common sense, solutions to our current problems and I will bring a ”no nonsense” approach to creating a brighter future for our families.

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