The Cross Plans To Build New School

4Starting in the Fall of 2011, four high school seniors were the first group to enroll and graduate from The Cross Christian Academy. Just three years later, the school has accepted over 40 full-time students as they moved their operation from the Church of Nazarene in Milford to their own building that sits on North Dupont Highway in Ellendale, DE. As they continue to grow, The Cross Christian Academy is currently planning the construction of a new school house, auditorium, community center and athletic fields on Spruce Road, just across the street from their current location.

Following the closing of a previous school in attendance by senior students in 2010, several families were left to find an institution of learning that not only met State requirements but also instilled Christian values. The answer for these families was the creation of a new school that held the ideals of Christ and the importance of individualized attention in high regard, The Cross Christian Academy.

“The vision has always been to stay small so that students can receive the one-on-one attention that is needed,” commented Debbie Jump, teacher at Cross Christian Academy. “The small class sizes allows us to give the children what they need instead of them trying to fit our needs.”

A Registered Nurse at Beebe Medical Center and a former home school teacher, Jump helped the Cross establish their curriculum several years ago. Students at The Cross Christian Academy must take four english, four mathematic, four history and four science courses, as required by the State of Delaware. In addition The Cross helps students develop spiritually by providing opportunities for group and individual prayer, devotions, and chapel services. Each student is expected to meet and exceed standards put forth for the public school system as the academy “instills a deep sense of moral responsibility in students, teaching them Biblical principles that will help to govern their personal and professional lives.”

As more families sought the help of The Cross Christian Academy to meet the education needs of their children, the school expanded the number of staff to accommodate the exponential growth they experienced over a two-year period, which saw a expansion from 4 students to over 40. As the school continues to grow, administrators and parents are committed to keep the same learning environment that students experienced in their inaugural year.

“The students become aware of one another and the needs that each students has. They nurture each other and begin to help one another to succeed,” commented Donald Porter, Administrator at The Cross Christian Academy . When asked about the increase in student population, which led to the move and eventually to the construction of a new school, Porter stated that “I used to try and explain what was going on but now I just sit back and thank God for it. This is what the Lord wants us to do.”

Recently, a 10-acre lot across the street from the current school was donated to The Cross Christian Academy by what they refer to as a “prominent businessman.” General contracting is currently underway and plans drawn up for the new site include a school, auditorium and 5-acre athletic field. Members of The Cross hope that the school can serve not only students as an educational institution but also as a community center for the surrounding towns including Ellendale.

“We began to think about what in terms of a community center or a emergency center does this community have, not much,” said Bill Langford, member of The Cross Board of Directors. “We will be able to serve others in the community that are in need.”

More information on The Cross Christian Academy including enrollment and tuition information can be found online at or by calling Donald Porter at 302-270-9182. Additional information regarding the school, their community outreach and sports program can be found by visiting

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