MPAC Looks To Educate Community

3By John LoBiondo, Assistant Principal at Morris Early Childhood Center

The Milford Parent Advisory Committee (MPAC) is a group of parents and teachers in the Milford School District with a keen interest in growing and developing our schools into formative educational powerhouses. Through an evaluative assessment process MPAC will research certain areas of the education process and ask critical questions about the effectiveness of initiatives, processes and decisions. MPAC will work with district leaders to streamline the efficiency and effectiveness of the different initiatives effecting the teachers, students, families and administrators of the district.

The primary focus of this committee is to bridge the gap of communication between the school district and the community to create a better understanding of the inner workings of the educational process and to share the responsibility for the progress, growth and success of our students. This additional avenue of communication is intended to keep the public informed of the various district decisions that are made and to increase awareness and understanding amongst all stakeholders in the educational process.

The main goal of MPAC is to have representative parents from each school as well as various district personnel who can guide discussion about numerous topics of interest and increase the level of accountability for all groups involved. We hope to be a major player in disseminating information to other local organizations and individuals at major events in the district and the local area. Coordinating this approach will be vital for passing referendums which are so vitally important to all students in the district as well as enhancing the community. Lastly, MPAC can be a voice for smaller organizations or concerns that might need some attention from the district or community.

MPAC will be having its first meeting of the school year in mid-October so if you would like to join MPAC or have any questions or concerns, please contact Sylvia Henderson, Director of Elementary Curriculum and Student Support Services SHenders@msd.k12,de,us or 422-1600 ext. 218. You can also contact Jon LoBiondo, Assistant Principal, MECC at 424-5454 or at your convenience.

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