Browns Honored In Football HOF





By Kevin Eickman

One of the roles that goes mostly unnoticed on a football team is the role of the Boosters. This year the 12th Man Gridiron Club Hall of Fame will honor a pair, who have contributions over 10 years of service and were a constant credit to the Milford program.

Gerald and Carol Brown served with pride and distinction, continuing long after their son Adam had graduated from Milford High School. While it might have been something that Gerald was a bit reluctant about at first, it turned into a labor of love for him and his wife. “Adam had just started at Milford and I kind of got dragged into this meeting, I honestly wasn’t expecting to be a major part of anything,” Gerald said. “By the end of the meeting I was Vice President and Carol was named the secretary and treasurer.”

The Browns found themselves as part of a reconstruction project of sorts, as the Milford booster program was pretty much nonexistent at this point. “The program had pretty much vanished and the coaches had come to the parents looking to resurrect it,” commented Brown. “My thought was that if we were going to be involved in it, we were going to do it right.”

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Once they were involved, there was nothing halfhearted about their efforts. Talking with long time Milford coach Jack Simon, it was clear that the Browns meant a great deal to the Buc program “Whatever you needed, they could be counted on,” said Simon. “It didn’t matter if it was time, money or anything else, they were always there.”

The Browns played a key role in returning letterman jackets to the program, prized rewards for accomplished varsity athletes. There was much more to it than feeding and providing jackets to players though, there was the human element. “There always seemed to be a player that needed a ride home and we were happy to do it,” Brown stated.

While it may sound like a one way street, it was far from it for the Browns. Carol states that the experience turned into something much more. “We really did get a whole lot out of it,” Carol commented. “It was wonderful to watch how the kids would warm up to you over time, it’s amazing I will run into players in the street and get a huge hug, you can’t put a price on something like that.”

Head Coach Mike Tkach said he was extremely happy to have the Browns as part of the Milford family. “You honestly can’t measure what they have meant to this program,” Tkach stated. “I honestly don’t know where we would have been without all their assistance.”

On being named to the Hall of Fame, the Browns were in unison when talking about it. “It is honestly something we never expected, it is truly humbling to be thought of in such high regard,” they stated.

The Brown family and three past Milford athletes will be sworn into the 2014 Hall of Fame class at halftime of the Milford Bucs home opener this Friday, September 12 at Briggs Stadium.

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