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On Tuesday, September 9 Delaware voters will go to the polls to determine the winners of the 2014 Delaware Primary races. In the Milford area, Rep. Jack Peterman and Charles Postles are running to represent the Republican Party as the candidate for House of Representatives in the 33rd District. Only registered Republicans can vote in the Republican Primary. The winner of this election will challenge Democratic candidate Kevin Robbins in the November elections. Polls are open from 7am until 8pm on Tuesday, September 9. Voters can find their polling place location online at

Charles Postles, Candidate for 33rd House of Representatives District, Republican Party

Occupation: Businessman and poultry producer for 35 years

Family: Janet; 3 children and 3 grandchildren.

Education: Milford High School, and a graduate of the University of Delaware

Experience: Past member of Milford School District Board of Education and a past member of the Governor’s Council on Agriculture.

1. Why are you running for the Delaware House of Representatives?

I believe I can be a common sense, effective voice for people of the 33rd RD. I will continue to passionately advance conservative values

2.What personal or professional background will be critical to performing the duties of State House of Representatives?

I have held leadership positions in various civic, social and professional organizations. In all cases, effective communications, both among members and with the public, was part of my responsibilities.

3. Name a specific example of something the Delaware State House of Representatives has done to improve the quality of life for citizens in Delaware.

4. Name a specific example of something you would like to change in your first term if you are elected to the Delaware House of Representative.

I would like to improve the fiscal accountability and transparency of State spending. We don’t so much have an income problem with the State budget, we have a spending problem.

5. What issues do you feel are important to the residents of Milford, Delaware specifically?

The completion of Rt 1 overpasses is a high priority. These projects have been promised, have been decades in progress, and have already had millions of dollars spent in right of way acquisition, design and engineering costs. Most importantly, there are serious safety issues involved . Yet recently, DelDot moved these projects from near the top of the priority list to near the bottom of the list. This is not acceptable.

6. How will you offer help to the City of Milford’s focus on economic development?

I hope to ease the burden of excessive regulations that thwart the start up of new enterprises and discourage expansion of existing businesses.

7. Does the state spend too much money? And if so, where would you specifically cut spending?

Again, the state’s spending issue is not so much how much is spent, but more how, where and why spending occurs. Many state depts. are top heavy administratively and need to be streamlined.

8. If elected, how will you affect the quality of public education in your district?

State Dept of Education is one of those depts encumbered with excessive bureaucracy. Delaware has one of the highest expenditures per student in the nation and one of the lowest student outcomes in the nation. This inefficient and ineffective use of a major portion of the state budget must be improved.  Resources are better directed into the classroom and in support of teachers. The responsibility of good education lies primarily on the local community and local school boards.

9. Why should voters choose you on Tuesday, September 9 ?

I have the energy and physical ability to serve the citizens of the 33rd RD. I will work with all parties to find solutions to issues while maintaining conservative principles, not merely engage in partisan turf battles. It is time for a change.

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