Clam Jam Benefits Kay’s Kamp

The 13th Annual Clam Jam was held on Sunday, August 31 to benefit Kay’s Kamp, a camp designed to provide children currently battling cancer and those now in remission the opportunity to participate in a unique camping experience promoting fun and normalcy. Held at the Clam Jam Headquarters, located at 20106 Beaver Dam Road in Milford, the benefit will help several children attend the camp held at St. Andrew’s School in Middletown, DE, free of charge.

Kay’s Kamp is a vision of Kaylyn E. Warren, a 17-year-old girl who was diagnosed and eventually passed away from complications of Leukemia. During most of her treatment, she was a patient at Christiana Care Hospital and the Helen F. Graham Center but for two months she spent time at the Fred Hutchinson Center in Seattle were she waited to receive a stem cell transplant that may have saved her life. Unfortunately, Kaylyn was unable to remain in remission because her cancer was too strong and the transplant never happened.

As a child, Kaylyn dreamed of running a Bed & Breakfast but that idea soon manifested into running a summer camp for kids suffering from childhood caner. The camp is designed to give children a sense of normalcy as many children with cancer must mature quickly to deal with a new sense of what is normal. Kaylyn asked that her family and friends start the camp when she realized she would not be able to fulfill her dream, and in 2009 Kay’s Kamp opened.


“Kay’s Kamp is an organization with great people that do great things,” commented Ralph Blades Jr., President of the Clam Jam Benefit Committee. It’s all about the kids and giving back to the community where we can. Children are our future and these children deserve a chance to be normal.”

The Clam Jan Benefit Committee was established 13 years ago to make a difference in the community in which they live. Originally created to benefit their close friend Bobby Wright, who was involved in a car accident, the Clam Jam Committee offers physical, financial and emotional support through donations, benefits and sponsors.

“We want to ease a neighbor’s pain, comfort a friend’s sorrow, encourage a loved one in a time of loss or assist a total stranger’s misfortune,” commented Blades. “We are a unified positive influence in unexpected circumstances.”

In August of 2008 the Clam Jam Benefit Committee raised over $8,000 that was donated to Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia survivor Matthew Hayes and in 2009 they raised over $8,000 for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia survivor Hayden Godwin. Looking into the future, they hope to repeat the success they have enjoyed over the past decade. Just last year the organization raised $5,000 for Kay’s Kamp as several children were able to attend the program free of charge.

“We do not donate millions but we are satisfied we are doing the best we can,” commented Blades. “It is satisfying knowing that we are helping the community and making the world a better place one act at a time.”

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