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During the month of August the Milford Police Department (MPD) created their own Facebook page in an attempt to better inform the public about police activity in the city and to engage residents in conversations about the town. On Wednesday, August 20 the department hosted their first Ask A Cop online forum where citizens asked MPD questions and officers answered them in real time. Milford Police Department included Criminal Detectives, School Resource Officers and Police Administration to help answers community questions over the period of two hours. MilfordLIVE.com has included some of the most popular questions and answers from the Ask A Cop evening below:

Q – How do you determine where to run speed enforcement in town and on the highway?

A – First consideration is the public complaints of speeding, stop sign and red light violations in an area. The next variable is crash statistics. Finally, where we see the most aggressive driving, such as the highways. Thank you for your question.

Q – Does the Milford Police Department use body cameras? If not, is it something you see coming in the future to the department? With all the complaints of police brutality in the world, it can definitely give a clear cut of what actually transpired.

A – Thanks for the question. Our patrol cars are camera equipped with audio and video. Currently we do not have body cameras. there are no plans at this time, but it has been a topic of discussion. Body cameras are great for collecting physical evidence.

Q – Two questions: 1) What are the elements of cyber bullying. Specifically regarding someone taking your photo without your permission. 2) what is the reason that cops are always associated with donuts?

A- As for the cyberbullying, that has been an issue that we deal with often. Taking and posting a photo without permission is a difficult issue. It could be classified as harassment, but each situation would have to be reviewed independently. As for the donuts, typically those establishments were the only ones open 24 hours. Therefore, those places were the only option for officers to stop for coffee during the overnight hours. Historically the donuts were eaten for the sugar for a late night burst of energy…..and who does not love donuts!

Q – want to know why a small town like milford need military vehicles?

A – As you have noticed they are sitting behind the station until there is an emergency. The vehicles were acquired at no additional cost to the tax payers of Milford. The humvees are used for snow or flooding waters of the Mispillion (which happens frequently). The MRAP just sits and is available to any agency that needs ballistic protection for an active shooter. thank you for your question

Q – What do we need to get more officers?

A – … if you see a need for more police officers in Milford, I suggest you contact your local town representative. If feel your area needs more police presence, contact Cpl Masten with the Community Policing Unit and he will address it through his chain of command. Thank you

Q – Has the new Facebook page had any good leads on arrest?

A – Yes we have solved cases due to our use of Facebook. We have another case to post tomorrow. We can’t believe the positive response from the local and surrounding community.

The Milford Police Department Facebook page can be found at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Milford-Police-Department/1511016462461160?hc_location=timeline.

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