Milford School District Updates

Milford School District Welcomes New Staff

On Thursday August 14th, all new teachers and staff were welcomed to the Milford School District. New teachers were introduced to the district and a three-day orientation was conducted. Mr. Marvin Schellhouse, president of the Milford School District Board of Education, spoke to all of the new teachers at the district luncheon. All new staff members were provided a mentor to make the transition into the district easier. All new teachers are also required to complete a comprehensive three-year mentoring program in order to receive a continuing teacher license. The goal of the orientation and mentoring program is to support new teachers so that they are able to provide a high quality education to all students in the Milford School District. New teachers and staff include Jennifer Wilson, Kelly Duffy, Kevin Joseph, Rebecca Miller, Justin Herman, Christine Reece, Amy Delaney and Juliana Skerrett to Milford High School; Jasmine Manley and Samuel Holloway at the Milford Central Academy; Erika Porter as a nurse in the district;  Ashley Newman, Angela Wharton, Brittany Phillips, Jenna Rathfon, Emily White and Melissa Boyd at Lulu Ross Elementary; Angela Covelli, Tammy Burnham and Shannon Starke at Mispillion Elementary, Heather Vezmar, Tammy Jones and Susan Flamminio at Benjamin Banneker Elementary; and Jaime Hill and Anne Kneipp at the Morris Early Childhood Center.





 Milford School District Recognizes Exemplary Employees

On Friday August 25th at the district’s annual opening session, exemplary employees were recognized for their hard work and dedication to the Milford School District. Each school in the district selected their employees of the year at the end of last school year. After the school selection process was complete, all winners were considered for the district employee of the year. The following staff members were recognized as the district employees of the year: Austin Dukes- Technology, Lilllie Shockley- Child Nutrition, Becky Bishop- Related Services, Jackie Wolfe- School Nurse, Jay Lingo- Counselor, Debby Dufendach- Secretary, Chuck Caplinger- Maintenance, Debbie Pickett, Custodian, Roslyn Harris- Paraprofessional, Judy Woods- Teacher.  Judy Woods, district teacher of the year, is now competing for the state of Delaware State Teacher of the Year.

Volunteers, Community Organizations 

As part of the opening session, Dr. Phyllis Kohel, the Superintendent of the Milford School District, presented Mr. Tom Chilton with the Blue Diamond Award for Service and Beyond. Mr. Chilton spent hundreds of hours as a volunteer mentor at Ross Elementary. Each year the district also recognizes an outstanding local organization for their contributions to the district. This year, The Milford Lions Club received the Blue Diamond Award for Service and Beyond. Mike Sharp, counselor at Milford High School, received the award on behalf of the Milford Lions Club.

Ross Elementary Receives New Playground Equipment

Ross Elementary recently replaced one of its old swing sets with a new and improved model.  After receiving notification that the old set of swings no longer was in compliance with safety codes it was determined by the district that it would need to be removed.  Fortunately there was money available in Minor Cap funds to replace this piece of playground equipment. “With the growing enrollment at Ross and the requirement for 20 minutes of recess time, it is important that the students have adequate equipment to play on,” stated Ross Principal Cindy McKenzie. “Since the swings have been upgraded there have been numerous members of our community not only use them, but comment on how attractive they look and how safe the surrounding area is for their children.  We are looking forward to many more years of use for this equipment, not only for the students at Ross but also for our community members who visit after school hours.”



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