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Milford Promotes Town With Videos

1The City of Milford has partnered with CGI Communications to create a series of six promotional videos that will be showcased on the City’s website as part of CGI’s Video Showcase project. CGI creates the videos in partnership with the National League of Cities and the US Conference of Mayors.

“We reached out to the city regarding the Video Showcase project,” said Amy Curran, a marketing executive with CGI. “Our goal is to preserve towns, educate residents and welcome visitors. The program is free to the city and all videos will be accessed through their homepage. There is standard welcome video and the city chooses the topics for the other videos.”

Ms. Curran said that the cost of the video were offset by seeking businesses who were willing to advertise in space that would be available around the perimeter of the building. She said the advertisements would be visible while visitors and residents viewed the videos, providing exposure for the company as people learned more about what Milford has to offer.

“This project has just gotten off the ground,” Ms. Curran said. “As of right now, I am not sure what the city will want to feature in each video, but it can be anything that visitors or residents would find interesting.” According to city officials, they are still reviewing what will be included in the promotional videos, but they plan to incorporate the “River Town, Art Town, Home Town” brand throughout the project.

“These new videos are part of our ongoing effort to promote economic development and tourism in the City of Milford,” said Mayor Bryan Shupe. “By highlighting our business community, eclectic art scene, recreational opportunities and thriving community organizations, these videos will demonstrate why Milford is such an exceptional place to raise a family, grow a business and retire.”

Ms. Curran described the project as a video brochure, similar to a paper brochure that people may pick up at visitor centers, city offices and other areas throughout a town. The benefit to doing the videos is that they can be emailed or shared on social media, giving the town expanded exposure. CGI Communications has worked with main street America for the past 25 years, creating community awareness and pride in local towns. The founders of the company are from small towns so they recognize the need to nourish the roots of America and have a mission to build a better future for communities and the businesses who support them. Businesses who would like to have more information on the project should contact Jim Loftus, CGI Community Relations Manager at 800-398-3029, Extension 254.

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