Gridiron Club Honors MHS Football Stars






The Milford High School’s (MHS) 12th Man Gridiron Club is continuing their effort this year to remember the games finest with their annual induction to the Milford High School Football Hall of Fame this fall. Started by Jack Simon, Mike Tkach and Glen Stevenson in 2007, the Gridiron Club selects prominent Milford High School Football players from the past and honors them for their commitment and support to the local football program.

The Hall of Fame inducted their first class in 2008 which included the local football legend Bernard “Bernie” Briggs, whom the current Milford High School Football stadium is named after. It is past individuals like Briggs that the Gridiron Club looks to help celebrate Milford’s football history and encourage its future. All of the efforts to recognize the inductees of the Hall of Fame are done in the hopes that the MHS football family will create a special bond that will extend throughout the years of Milford Football’s existence and spread the tradition and pride in the program.

“We want to get Milford interested in football again,” commented Jack Simon, President of the 12th Man Gridiron Club. “We want the community to be more involved with football in more ways than just the Friday night games.”

The idea for the Gridiron Club was conceived after Jack Simon and Mike Tkach, both football players at West Chester University (WCU) and Head Coaches at MHS, visited WCU and saw the camaraderie and fellowship between past and current players at the school. Both men decided then that Milford needed to bring this fraternal attitude to their football program.






During the first Friday night game of the 2014 season the 12th Man Gridiron Club will honor 4 new individuals during halftime. Ronnie Wyatt,Gerald and Carol Brown, Keith Betts, Jamie Young will join over 20 others in the Milford Football Hall of Fame in an effort to honor the past, support the present and encourage the future of Milford Football. All nominees have been voted on by Board Members of the 12th Man Gridiron Club and will receive a plaque of recognition that will be placed on the back of the MHS ticket booth at Briggs Stadium.

Members of the 12th Man Gridiron Club are asking the community to help in their active search for future nominations to the Hall of Fame. Nomination is not exclusive to only players but includes past coaches, boosters and supporters.

“We are looking for individuals that are recognized by their fellow teammates,” commented Simon. “An individual who was an inspiration to all of those that he played around.”

Nominees for the Milford Football Hall of Fame can be made by contacting Jack Simon at 302-422-2132 or Mike Tkach at 302-422-1610. Simon and Tkach also encourage people to get involved by becoming members of the 12th Man Gridiron Club. Yearly and Lifetime memberships are available to the club and include membership benefits. All monies from memberships will be used to support the 12th Man Gridiron Club and the Hall of Fame.

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