CrossFit Vicarious Open In Milford

3In February of this year Todd and Melissa Pryor opened CrossFit Vicarious at 1011 Mattlind Way off Airport Rd in Milford. A fitness facility that offers group and personal training, CrossFit Vicarious follows the nationally known CrossFit methodology. Health and exercise enthusiasts themselves, Todd and Melissa are in the process of turning this daily but part-time business into a full time profession.

The couple currently works for the State of Delaware, Todd for the planning and transportation enhancement program at the Delaware Department of Transportation and Melissa for the Division of Public Health Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. After graduating from Milford High School in 1999, Todd continued to spend time in the gym as he always had the desire to open a facility of his own. After years of becoming tired of routine exercise programs, Todd began his own introduction into CrossFit and soon became certified in the program himself.

“I always wanted to open a gym myself and I noticed that there is a lack of services between Rehoboth and Dover,” commented Todd. “Melissa and I both saw how much CrossFit improved our well-being and quality of life and we wanted to share it with others.”

By employing a constantly-varied approach to training, CrossFit uses functional movements at maximum intensity in a group setting. The camaraderie that is shared between members of the CrossFit community during workouts is what keeps members involved but also allows them to push themselves physically and mentally.

“It is personal training but in a group environment,” commented Melissa. “Everyone goes through a foundation program and we are here everyday to make sure movements are done correctly and safely.”

In addition to physical fitness, Todd and Melissa agree that the program enhances self-esteem and confidence in the lives of their members as CrossFit challenges each person to compete with themselves. Making sure that individuals are performing the exercises correctly is most important, and outweighs any individuals’s ability to lift more or run faster than someone else. The exercise programs are customized for each person and evolves as they become stronger and faster.

“Every single movement we do is scaleable to any level, whether it is changing the amount of reps or weight,” said Todd. “It will be customized to each person’s needs. The most important part thing is to get up and get moving, be consistent and have fun.”

Learning the physical movements through the program, Melissa states that she is now confident in working out in any gym. Before now, she admits that like many people, she was intimidated about going into a gym and using the equipment without a personal trainer. She is now confident in knowing that she is educated about body movements and what her body can handle.

“I was afraid to go into a gym without a personal trainer because I did not know what I was doing,” commented Melissa. “Now I am confident in going anywhere and I know what I am doing.”

CrossFit Vicarious in Milford continues to grow as the Pryor family is accepting new members. As they grow the couple would like to expand their facility and eventually be able to create a business that they can take on full time. Three CrossFit Vicarious workouts in Milford are currently held every Monday through Friday at 5:45am, 4:15pm and 5:30pm. On Saturdays, workouts are held at 8am,9am and 10am. For more information or to learn how to become a member of CrossFit Vicarious, individuals are encouraged to contact the facility at 302-542-5607 or

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