Seibert To Represent DE At European Concert Tour

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Sam Seibert, son of Major Ed Seibert and Debra Seibert, has been selected as the Delaware representative to perform with a national organization known as Sound of America Honors Band. In July, Sam will join select high school student musicians from nearly every state when the Sound of America Honors Band begins its 2014 European Concert Tour. Following four days of intensive rehearsals at Elizabethtown College, the students will experience the culture of six countries and will also participate in a memorial ceremony at the American Military Cemetery in Luxembourg.

Seibert began playing with the Milford Community Band (MCB) in eighth grade at the invitation of the band director. Playing with MCB led to an appointment as the principal drummer for the Downtown Dixieland Band and a referral to the Dover Symphony Orchestra. As a member of the Sussex Tech High School marching band and drum line, he was eligible to audition for the Delaware Music Educator’s All-State competition. He began taking private lessons at B&B Music with Carmine Strollo to prepare. Sam had taken private lessons on several instruments earlier, but had given them up during high school because of the demands of balancing homework with after school rehearsals and performances for the four separate ensembles as well as other activities such as scouting.

“I began to play the drums when I was three years old and don’t remember a time when I did not play music,” said Seibert.

The first year Sam tried out for All-State, he did not get in, but he did not give up. He continued taking private lessons with Mr. Strollo and the next year he was appointed the second highest chair in the Delaware All-State Band. The top chairs were referred to Sound of America for another round of auditions and chair placement. Sam had such an outstanding experience in All-State he decided to try out for Sound of America. Since Sam is an Eagle Scout, he was chosen by the Sound of America administrators as a color guard to fold the flag for the memorial ceremony at the American Military Cemetery in Luxembourg. This cemetery is the resting place for General George S. Patton and thousands of Americans who fought in the Battle of the Bulge during World War II.

“I’m looking forward to touring Germany because my parents met there and have talked to me about their travels,” stated Seibert. “My father was stationed in Germany while on active duty with the Air Force. My mother participated in a memorial ceremony at the same cemetery in Luxembourg because of her job as an Army civilian.”

Sam is excited about performing on the same stage as some of the greatest classical musicians in concert halls and cathedrals that have not changed in hundreds of years. He will get to go in the stage door and be back stage just like the famous musicians of the past. He is also excited about being able to perform with other teens from all around the United States who have a similar passion for performing music.
Seibert plans to always be a performer and composer and have live music as a part of his life. “Drums are the most versatile instrument, the most awesome sounding, and the most fun instrument to play,” stated Seibert. “You can play the drums with any style of music, much more so than any other instrument.”

In addition to attended Julliard’s Jazz program for two summers and the Governor’s School at the University of Delaware last summer, he has been composing music for about eight years for his website Marfik. A few months ago, Sam started a rock band called Perfect World with friends Josh Yawn and Alex Barie and has been performing at Abbott’s Grill’s open mic night regularly and twice at the Elks’ Lodge in Milford.

Going into his senior year at Sussex Tech High School as he studies Media Broadcasting in preparation to attend college next year, his primary focus in music for the next few years is his new rock band and he plans to continue performing at rest homes, farmers’ markets and ceremonies for the community. Raising money for his experience as part of the Sound of America Honors Band European Tour, Seibert has performed at several venues demonstrating his passion for the art of music. Individuals interested in making a donation to defray the costs of this trip, can send checks to Sound of America, 127 Grapevine Way, Milford, DE 19963.

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