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Interdiction Traffic Stop

On June 13, 2014 the Milford Police seized a vast amount of USC during a traffic stop. An officer from the Milford Police Patrol Division was conducting specialized traffic enforcement duty throughout the city limits during the morning hours on June 13, 2014. According to police, the officer observed a traffic violation on STR 1 and performed a traffic stop on the vehicle. The vehicle was operated by Mrs. Luci Wanda Lucas Da Silva, 34yo, of Fruitland, Maryland. Also occupying the vehicle as a passenger was Mr. Welington Cesar Da Silva, 32yo, of Brazil (but was residing in Salisbury, MD). Police state that upon investigation during the traffic stop, a vehicle search was conducted by officers. The search resulted in the seizure of over $31,000 in United States Currency. The Milford Police K-9 Division performed a “Canine Sniff” of the seized money and discovered the presence of illegal drug residue. Through coordination with Homeland Security and I.C.E, it was later revealed that Welington Cesar Da Silva had previously been departed from the United States and was not allowed back in the country. Detectives turned Mr. Da Silva over to the custody of I.N.S to face deportation and/or other charges. Mrs. Da Silva was released after receiving traffic charges. Investigation continues .



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