Milford Grad Headed To Blue Gold Game

 Michael Tkach manager, Amanda Grose cheerleader, Mike Tkach assistant coach,  OT, Kayla Brennan ambassador.
Michael Tkach manager, Amanda Grose cheerleader, Mike Tkach assistant coach, OT, Kayla Brennan ambassador.

By Kevin Eickman

If you have been to a Milford High School football or basketball game over the last few years, you have seen him play. If you have seen him play, you know one think for certain. The man they call “O.T.” is a leader. Far from the most vocal of players you will ever see, Wilson has continually led by example. He is a young man with the competitive heart of a lion but a compassionate side deeply rooted in his religious faith.

Playing on both sides of the ball this past season, Wilson was a constant. In a season the saw the Buccaneers ravaged by injuries, by the end of the year Wilson pretty much was the only running back left standing. Asked to carry an incredible load, Wilson never wavered. Talking with head football coach Mike Tkach following the season, he had nothing but respect and praise for the job that Wilson had accomplished during the season

“We asked O.T. to do so much, it got to the point it almost wasn’t fair to him,” Tkach commented. “He was so nicked up but he kept on getting up and going back in there. He simply wouldn’t quit.”

While his athletic ability is impressive, even more so is his character. Talking with Dr. David Carter during the year about Wilson, he raved about his character. “This is a young man that has overcome so much and he does the right thing all the time,” Carter said. “He doesn’t do the right thing because he wants to stay out of trouble or anything, he does it because it’s the right thing to do.”

We had a chance to catch up with Wilson this week, we covered a variety of subjects, chief amongst them was his relationship with his mother Teresa Wilson. “My mother has been such an inspiration to me, she has made me who I am,” said Wilson. “She raised me all by herself, I can remember when we didn’t even have any water. She is the one who taught me not to quit, no matter what the obstacle is that you are facing.”

One of the best parts of the Blue Gold game is the opportunity to participate in the buddy program, an opportunity that Wilson embraced getting to make a new friend in the person of Justin Haggerty. “Being in the buddy program has been great, I have enjoyed every aspect of it,” Wilson said. Talking about spending time with Haggerty, Wilson stated that the time has been precious .“Every time I see Justin, he gives me a big hug, it’s just fantastic,” Wilson commented. “Going to all the different events with him has been fantastic, he’s so much fun to be around.”

One of the aspects that Wilson really enjoyed about playing at Milford was the “OT” chant that fans could here at games. “The fans at Milford are fantastic, they are just so supportive,” Wilson stated. “It’s pretty wild to here them chant for you, it lets you know they appreciate your hard work, it makes you dig a little deeper.”

Milford will be off to the University of Mount Union in Ohio this fall. One of the top flight Division III football programs in the country, Wilson will be trying to make the team as a wide receiver. In a top program such as Mount Union’s, Wilson knows it will be tough. “It’s just another challenge in my life, I love a challenge and will do the best that I can.” The Blue-Gold game is next Saturday at the University of Delaware, kick-off is set for 6 pm.

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