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MHS Graduates Open Time Capsule

2Several seniors graduating this year from Milford High School (MHS) gathered at Benjamin Banneker Elementary School on Wednesday, May 28 to uncover a time capsule that they had placed in the ground ten years ago while in second grade. These students, part of this year’s class of 2014, were the first group of students enrolled in the then newly constructed Banneker school to graduate form MHS.

Ten years ago teachers Sandy Soucek and Joyce Bonnoni came up with the idea of creating the time capsule that would be uncovered by their second graders at the time of their high school graduation. As May of 2014 rolled around, Mrs. Soucek began receiving calls from students asking about when the capsule would be uncovered.

“Banneker was a brand new school at the time and we knew this class would be the first to graduate from Milford high school,” commented Soucek. “We asked students to imagine that they would be graduating from high school and write letters to their future selves.”

Milford student Ryan Wolfe, who was named MHS’s Valedictorian at Friday’s graduation ceremony, was in attendance on Wednesday as he helped to uncover the time capsule. Among several items discovered by students, Ryan found a postcard that he had written to himself as a second grader. “I am a little disappointed in my second grade writing,” joked Wolfe. “…but I can see that I am still the same person, very goal oriented.” On the postcard, second grader Ryan Wolfe said he hoped he was ready for college, had straight A’s, money and happiness.

When asked what Ryan would say now to himself in another ten years he commented, “stick to what you believe in and trust yourself and hopefully you will achieve your goals.” Wolfe will be attending Georgetwon University next year as he studies Political Economy.

Milford student Elizabeth Stangl found a letter in the time capsule that her second grade self had written to her future self that not only gave advice but also talked about her role model, student aid Bliss Soucek, who was a senior at Milford High at the time. “Having the exposure to someone older who was so positive was very important to me in second grade,” commented Stangl. “She was a role model for all of us.” Elizabeth’s second grade self placed importance on good grades, science projects and said several nice things about her teacher Mrs. Soucek, stating that she “respects us dearly.”

When asked what she would say now to himself in another ten years, Elizabeth commented, “not to lose sight of your happiness and not to get so caught up in being in everything. Have a balance being responsible and having fun.” Stangl will be attending Towson University next year where she will study Speech Pathology.

Teacher Joyce Bonnoni, who taught many of the students that came back to uncover the time capsule, was at the school on Wednesday watching their reactions and talking with them about shared memories. “It feels wonderful and I am very proud of all of them, it is fun to watch their reactions,” commented Bonnoni. “Some of them had high hopes and some of them did not. Reading the letters from their past showed all of them how much they have grown.”

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