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City of Milford Awards Water Tower Bid

cityhall21111On Tuesday, May 27, Milford City Council voted to award the bid to build a new water tower on the southeast section of Milford to Chicago Bridges and Iron. The new tower will have a 750,000 gallon tank, much larger than other tanks in the city, which will increase the water capacity in the city significantly.

“All bidders on the project were required to provide five examples of similar projects with their bid price,” explained Erik Retzlaff of David, Bowne and Friedel. “The lowest bidder, Phoenix Fabricators and Erectors, Inc. only provided two examples. Therefore, the decision was made to reject that bid and accept the second lowest bidder, Chicago Bridges and Iron.” City council members voted unanimously to accept the bid of $2,264,330.

Questions were asked regarding the timeframe of the new Wickersham development, which will be served by the tower. Mr. Retzlaff explained that there was no current timeframe for when that project would start, but that the easements were in place and the work will coincide with the construction of the new tank. The new tank will be located on land donated by the Wickersham developer.

“I see that the tank on 10th Street has developed some areas of mildew,” said Councilman Dirk Gleysteen. Mr. Retzlaff explained that the tanks are on a maintenance schedule and that it was probably time for the tank to be pressure washed. Councilman Owen Brooks said that he believed the tanks were painted with special paint to keep that from happening. Mr. Retzlaff said that because some areas of the tank were never exposed to sunlight, and because the tank sweats, there was no way to prevent mildew from appearing.

In addition to the bids for the water tower, City Council also acknowledged Milford Postmaster, Lindon Mingo, who talked about improving customer service at the post office. Mr. Mingo also said that the building had aged considerably, which meant occasional issues that were out of his control, including air conditioning and heat.

“This week, I had a customer pass out in the lobby due to the heat,” Mr. Mingo said. “It is clear that we need a new post office in Milford, but we are not on the priority list at this time. I am planning to discuss it with my supervisors soon, as it makes no sense to keep putting money into that building when some of the problems cannot be permanently fixed.”

City Council also voted unanimously to purchase the former Milford Armory building from the State of Delaware for $1, pending a bill be passes in the State legislature to sell the building to the City of Milford. The building had originally been offered to Milford School District, but they declined to accept it as it did not meet their needs.

“I toured the facility with the Chief of Police, the Mayor and several council members,” City Manager Richard Carmean said. “There are some sheds and back buildings that are in excellent shape, perfect for us to store dump trucks and other equipment. There is also a high-pressure washing facility that will be perfect for cleaning vehicles after salting.” Mr. Carmean also explained that the building could be beneficial for the Parks and Recreation Department as there is a gym located inside the facility.

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