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Memorial Day Service Remembers Fallen Heroes

6Staff Report

On Monday, May 26 the American Legion Post 3, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6483 and the Milford Community Band honored the soldiers that have served the United States Military and given the ultimate sacrifice, with a Memorial Day Service held at the Milford Senior Center.

Retired Lieutenant Malcolm Foster opened the ceremony with the invocation. “We remember our comrades that have received their final discharge from earth,” stated Foster. “Some gave their tomorrows so that we could enjoy our today.”

This year the ceremony focused on the Anniversary of World War II, 1941-1945, recognizing significant dates from the global engagement that shaped the world. Through an interactive program, Retired Lieutenant Malcolm Foster highlighted critical dates including the bombing on Pearl Harbor in 1941 that led U.S. to intervene in the worldwide conflict; D-Day, the invasion of Normandy France in 1944, where allied troops invaded France after German troops occupied the country; the announcement of Germany’s surrender in 1945; and the bombing of Osaka Japan in 1945 that led to the Japanese surrender.

Branches of the United States military were honored with a wreath presentation and an armed forces tribute by family members of the deceased. Members of the American home front, Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine, Women’s Air Force Service Pilots and Air Force were asked to stand to be honored for their service.The United States Army was represented by 1st Lt. Sergeant Stanley Wetreich who served between the Korean and Vietnam War and PCF Richard Mootz who served in WWII. The United States Navy was represented by CPO Dan Haggerty and Full Lt. tom Mehl who both served in Veitnam. The United States Marine Corps was represented by Cplk. Bernadette Lowe who severd in WWII and Sgt Craig Janes who served in the Korean War. The United States Air Force was represented Major Sgt. Joe Lear who served in WWII and Sgt. Al Darlin who served in Desert Storm.

During the ceremony, individuals were honored with the Gold Star distinction; at the national level this award is the highest honor given to a civilian. The award was given to Joan Muffler, mother of Corporal John M. Muffler , United State Marine Corps, who died in a terrorist bombing in Beirut in Lebanon in 1983; and the daughters of Dorothy Stubbs, mother of Private First ClassWayne C. Jester, United States Army 101st Airborne Division, who died in Vietnam in 1968 at 19 years old. The ceremony closed with an honorary 21 gun salute, the playing of taps and the crowd singing God Bless America.

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