Allison’s Card Shop Here To Stay

1Kathy Reisinger and her daughter Dana Saxon of Allison’s Cards Shop in the Milford Plaza are excited to be reopening their doors this spring. Owning the business for 18 years, it was the outreach by their loyal customers that gave them the confidence to rebrand and retool their shop after they almost shut their doors earlier this year.

After working for the company for several years, Kathy was given the opportunity to purchase the business from the previous owner in 1996 and brought her daughter Dana on board to begin what would become a successful family-owned business. Able to compete in the market for almost two decades, the family almost became a casualty of hard economic times. In addition to a tough market, technology drove buyers online, competition for big box outlets continued to increase and local construction made sales a larger challenge. Kathy and Dana had all but turn their sign to closed as they contemplated shutting down the business for good, but their loyal clientele would not see them go so quietly. One by one, customers stopped by the shop to share their concerns and their memories.

“When we decided to close our doors the public response was overwhelming,” commented Kathy. “people came in to share their stories and even shed a few tears. We did not feel right closing our doors.”

Working with a new greeting card vendor Cardsmart from Edison, New Jersey and their landlord at the Milford Plaza, the family was able to restructure and rebrand their business in order to continue their service to the local community. Allison’s Card Smart will continue to offer cards for every holiday, celebratory occasion and all of life’s milestones while still providing a wide variety of gifts including home decor, candles, jewelry, boxed candy, women’s accessories and gift wrapping materials. As a Cardsmart owner, Kathy and Dana will be able to take advantage of the company’s promise of “50% off every card, every day.”

“When we started planning with Cardsmart my entrepreneurial spirit was renewed,I became excited all over again” commented Dana. “It was so nice of the community to come out and show their appreciation for us and this new store will allow us to thank the community for their years of continued support.”

For Dana and Kathy, they are most excited about their opportunity to keep providing their services to the local community. More than just a retail store for sharing and celebrating life’s moments, the family takes pride in helping their customers choose the perfect gift for the right occasion.

“Life is about celebrating moments,” commented Dana. “Life moves along so quickly,
you want to take the time to acknowledge the milestones by celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, weddings and important events.

Dana, Kathy and the rest of the Allison’s Cardsmart shop are available to help customers from10 am to 5:30 pm on Monday through Friday and 10 am to 5 pm on Saturday as they carry several name brands including Tervis Tumbler, Designer Greetings Cards, Periwinkle Jewelry, Lang Gifts  & Stationary and Willow Tree Figurines. Located in the Milford Plaza at 680 N Dupont Boulevard, Allison’s Cardsmart shop can be reached by calling 302-422-3998.

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Want to Know How to Advertise on Delaware Live?