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On Thursday, May 15 the music network Unsigned Hype will be hosting an event at the Milford Senior Center. The Smack Out Multiple Myeloma Benefit will feature live music, comedians and poets to benefit the Multiple Myeloma Cancer Foundation, an organization that provides research and funding for multiple myeloma Cancer that proliferates in the bone marrow.

Vonderlear Smack, music promoter of Unsigned Hype, is holding this program to benefit individuals and families dealing with multiple myeloma cancer, a condition that her mother was diagnosed with three years ago. Learning about her own diagnosis a year before she told the family about it, Vonderlear’s mother Patricia told the Smack family about her health as she felt she could not longer keep her pain from her family. This Christmas, the matriarch of the Smack family announced that she no longer wanted to be treated for multiple myeloma and she would allow the cancer to take its course. This event in part is being hosted by Vonderlear to show her mom the love that so many people have for her.

“Maybe my mother will change her mind and continue with the services and see how many people love her,” stated Smack. “The Multiple Myeloma Cancer Foundation did so much for my mother and I want to be able to show our appreciation by giving by to them.”

Smack states that her mother has always been a “go hard” type of person that is very “smart, vibrant and always ready to make you laugh.” Patricia explained to Vonderlear that she withheld the diagnosis from the family because she wanted to deal with it inside before she let the family know. Although she is very tired and her bones ache, Vonderlear’s mother still pushes herself to do anything that she can.

“She is my motivation,” commented Smack. “There are days I feel like I cannot go on but I just think of her.”

The Senior Center will open the doors for the Smack Out Multiple Myeloma Benefit from 8pm to 12 am on Thursday, May 15th. After the event is paid for, 100% of the money will go to the Multiple Myeloma Cancer Foundation

“I want everyone to know that artists can get together and work together for the good of the community,” commented Smack. Vonderlear states that her mother will be in attendance for the first hour of the event.

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