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Mayor, Council Sworn In

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New Milford Mayor Bryan Shupe taking the oath of office.

On Monday, May 5, 2014, Mayor Bryan Shupe and four city council members took the Oath of Office in City Council Chambers. City Manager Richard Carmean read the April 26, 2014 election results, explaining that Councilmen Garrett L. Grier III, S. Allen “Skip” Pikus, Owen S. Brooks, along with Councilwoman Katrina E.J. Wilson ran unopposed for their council seats.

Surrounded by their families, The Honorable William J. Walls, Jr. led the four council members in the Oath of Office before each signed the oath, officially taking their seats for another term in office. Councilman Grier will represent Ward 1, Councilman Pikus will represent Ward 2, while Councilman Brooks will represent Ward 3 and Councilwoman Wilson will represent Ward 4.

Mayor Joseph “Ronnie” Rogers, who served as the mayor for almost 30 years, spoke before Mayor-elect Shupe was sworn in. Mayor Rogers announced earlier this year that he would not seek re-election under doctor’s orders.

“I want to thank the City Manager, Richard Carmean, Chief Hudson, City Council and the employees of the city,” Mayor Rogers said. “It has been a great pleasure to serve and I will miss it a lot. I enjoyed working with council and am very proud of what our city has become. Our city is in good shape and I know, moving forward, it will remain in good shape.” Mayor Rogers also congratulated Mayor-elect Shupe, saying he knew that Mr. Shupe’s energy would keep Milford moving forward.

Mayor Rogers said he had worked with a lot of good people on council over the years and is happy to leave Mayor-elect Shupe with a good council. After thanking everyone, especially the voters who kept him in office for so many years, Mayor Rogers asked Judge Walls to swear in the new mayor. Once Mayor Shupe was sworn in, Mayor Rogers stepped down from the seat he had held for so many years, receiving a standing ovation as he moved to the gallery.

“This has been a humbling experience,” Mayor Shupe said as he took the seat at the head of the council table. “As we came through neighborhoods, knocking on doors, you opened doors for us and began to talk about Milford’s future. I look forward to continuing the work that Mayor Rogers has begun.” Mayor Shupe said that he intended to have an open door policy at City Hall, informing all in attendance that if they had an idea or suggestion, they should bring it to City Hall. He said he was excited to see where the future takes the city.

Councilman Doug Morrow was elected as Vice-Mayor after Mayor Shupe took office, and David Rutt was reappointed as City Solicitor.

A special election originally scheduled for June 14 to elect a replacement for Mayor Shupe’s now vacant council seat representing Ward 1 will not be necessary as only one candidate, Christopher Mergner, applied to run. Mr. Mergner will be sworn in on June 23, 2014 to begin serving the remainder of the term vacated by Mayor Shupe.

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