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City Council Discusses Infrastructure

By Terry Rogers

Milford City Council discussed several matters regarding the infrastructure of the town at their April 14 meeting. Council members voted on several bids related to infrastructure projects, and discussed matters related to road repairs, electric, water and sewer.

According to City Manager Richard Carmean, the City has completed the abandonment of an old well at Seabury Avenue and is in the process of replacing that well with shared funding from Redner’s Market. He also explained that the city sent out bids for the Southeast Milford water tower, indicating that the large project could take some time to award.  It was Mr. Carmean’s hope that the project would be underway by June.

I know that additional water supply is a hot topic in the election right now,” Mr. Carmean explained. “However, our water supply has always been adequate, even if a large business wanted to locate to the area, but until the new electric plant was up and running, we could not provide them with adequate electricity.” Mr. Carmean said that the new substation on Route 113 near the state’s solid waste facility would go live on Thursday, and that it would double the capacity of Milford’s electric service.

There were no problems anticipated with the start-up of the facility, and Mr. Carmean said that he was very pleased with Rick Carmean and his crews who stayed on top of the project to ensure that Milford’s growth would not be hampered due to electric issues.

City Council voted unanimously to accept the low bid from Teal Construction for the Southeast Milford Water Main Construction project. According to Erik Retzlaff of Davis Bowen and Friedel, the funding for the project would be covered by USDA funding, although some would need to be transferred out of reserves. The project covers about one mile of water main.

The bid for the Southeast Milford drinking water well planned for the Wickersham property was also approved unanimously with A.C.Shultes of Delaware being awarded the project. Mr. Retzlaff reported that there were only two bidders for the project as there were only two companies in the area who were qualified to do the work. The funding for the well would come from USDA funding.

Mr. Carmean reported that a recent bid for street repairs allowed bidders three options for bidding. They could bid on both the street and concrete work, just the street work or just the concrete work. There were no bidders for the concrete work.

“I think the concrete work, which is curbing and handicap ramps at corners, can be done under $30,000,” Mr. Carmean explained. “I want permission from council to contact a local contractor who we have used many times in the past to get a price on what he would charge to do the concrete work.”  Council members agreed that a local vendor should be contacted regarding the work as the concrete portion must be completed prior to the street repairs.

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