Students Rally Around Kindness

On Friday, March 28, Milford High School held a rally for Students for a Million Acts of Kindness, promoting students’ success of recording more than 600,000 acts of kindness since October 15. United States Senator Tom Carper was in attendance to celebrate the Students for a Million Acts of Kindness program and thank students on the fine example they are setting.

“I was so happy to go to Milford High today learn about their Students for Million Acts of Kindness campaign and hear from students about their experiences with bullying,” stated Sen. Carper. “I have always tried to live my life by the Golden Rule: to do unto others  as you would have them do unto you. The students at Milford High are living that every day and are a fantastic example of how we can make everyone’s lives better just by thinking of others. I am glad to see them taking a strong stand against bullying and making sure their campus is a welcoming environment for everyone.”

At the beginning of this school year Su Chafin, psychotherapist at Milford High School (MSD) Wellness Center, assisted students in creating the Students for a Million Acts of Kindness (SMAK) campaign. An effort that started as a way to proactively prevent bullying during National Bullying Prevention Month, the concept quickly grew into a movement at MHS as students took the initiative to make it a priority during the school day.

During a conversation about equality and compassion, Ms. Chafin dared a group of students that if they could do a million acts of kindness she would shave her head. Soon other MHS staff members joined the dare with even crazier antics, including spending the night on the school’s rooftops and kissing livestock.

Although during Friday’s rally students celebrated past accomplishments, Chafin also believes that the event helped students to focus on their goal to log one million kind acts by the school year’s completion.

“ The positive response from the entire student body is astonishing,” commented Chaffin. “The way in which these kids have embraced not only the concept of kindness, but they have infused it into a graceful style of leadership.  I have no doubt they will reach one million or at least really close.”

Chaffin believes that the initiative will help students to become leaders in their own communities outside of school and after graduation. “The SMAK initiative teaches students awareness most of all.  Awareness of how they are moving through this world and how they can lead others in how they move through this world,” commented Chaffin. “It is teaching them their power and that genius occurs at any age. This generation has something to teach us, they have a more expanded view of equality and fairness.”

The Students for a Million Acts of Kindness program is still searching for new ideas to enhance the project as individuals are urged to call the MSD Wellness Center to help support the program.Students can start or continue with daily kind acts by entering them on the district website at Simply click Kindness Project, click SMAK Tally and enter.

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