Bucs Return To Division II






By Kevin Eickman

With the return to Division II, the Milford track and field team will once again attempt to demonstrate the dominance they have exhibited in the past. Over the last four seasons Milford has been a good Division I team, but has not been one of the best. Make no mistake about it, a key factor in how competitive they can be is numbers. In going from one of the smallest teams in Division I, to one of the largest in Division II, the Buccaneers should be able to challenge for the DIAA State title.

Talking with coach Czar Bloom, he likes the aura surrounding this year’s squad. “This is a young energetic group with a real positive attitude,” stated Bloom. “This group is really working hard and there is no doubt this will pay off for the team down the road. “

One aspect of this year’s squad that Bloom believes will help as well is the addition of some new coaches. “We have added some new people to the staff and that is helping us to better focus on some skills our athletes need to develop to help us win.”

One area that Bloom would like to see the squad improve in would be the relays. “The relays have always been a strength for us, but over the last couple of years that hasn’t been the case,” commented Bloom. “We believe that the strength of a team can come from the relays, that is something we are looking to establish again this year.”

Discussing the move to Division II Bloom believes that Milford should benefit from the change. “The real difference between the top of the Division one teams and Division two really comes down to depth,” Bloom said. “There are talented athletes in both divisions, but the top squads in Division I are always deep top to bottom.”

One athlete returning for his senior season is Ryan Thomas, the State Champion in the long jump and triple jump. Thomas is the type of athlete that comes around once in a rare while. “Ryan just works extremely hard and is extremely disciplined,” said Bloom. “He is gifted but that’s just a part of it. It’s no surprise as to the results he achieves, he is an athlete truly committed to his craft.” While a good athlete, Bloom is also proud of the person Thomas is. “He is a fantastic student, who has set high standards for himself and he is willing to maintain those standards to achieve them.” Bloom stated.

Milford is scheduled to get their season underway this Tuesday at 3:30pm, as the host Smyrna.

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